Need inspiration (Maternity photos!)

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Need inspiration (Maternity photos!)

Hi all! I am really just starting out but a friend of mine is due in Dec. and doesn't have the money to get professional shots done so I offered to take some photos of her next week, with the stipulation that I can't guarantee any good shots, but I will try my best! Anyway, i have never done maternity shots and was looking for inspiration when it comes to posing. She is very modest and will not show skin, and she is a plus size girl, not that it makes a difference, but I want to get the most flattering angles for her. Any advice is much appreciated, and also post some of your fav. maternity poses to inspire me! Her DH won't be there, but if needed I can reschedule if it will be better to have them both in the pics.

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I would go to flickr and type in maternity in the query box. Flickr has everything Smile

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I just googled maternity photographs and went to flickr my first time to get TONS of photo ideas!

Good luck!

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flickr is a great place to start ... also just a plain ole google search will turn up lots of ideas (you can use "regular" google or google image).

Can't wait to see what you shoot! Relax and have fun ... your friend will be happy just to record this special moment and it'll be a great learning experience for you.

Take care,

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here's the link to the one I did ... there's a variety of edits in here, but you can get some pose ideas anyway.

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I agree that Flickr is a great resource for finding maternity poses, that's what I did and then did mine myself using the timer on my camera.