Need a little backup before I hit BUY!

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Need a little backup before I hit BUY!

So I have done a ton of research and I am looking at buying a canon 580exii speedlite and a lastolite 24x24 softbox to go with it. So far for lenses I own a 50mm1.8 on camera all the time, kit lens hate it, and a 70-300mm zoom which I only use outdoors due to lighting.
My question is would you go with the speedlite setup or get a great low light lens? I have around 800 to spend.
My other option would be maybe a 24 70mm 2.8 lens with the smaller slave speedlite? Thakyou in advance for any replies.

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Just replied to your pm. Smile

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That would be a hard call for me too. My focus tends to be on sports/martial arts, so personally, I would probably go w/ the 24-70mm f/2.8. A lens like that would have a lot of versatility and with a wide open aperture like that, you can compensate for a lot of low light situations.

But take that w/ a grain of salt since my subject matter may be wildly different from yours. Also, I live in TX where there really isn't much of a winter season and light is not as hard to come by here as in other parts of the world (heck, we're even in the middle of the worst drought in 40+ years so I haven't even had to contend w/ many cloudy days).

I don't know if that helps much, but it's my $0.02 worth anyway.

Best of luck!