Need LOTS of help (Pic Heavy)

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Need LOTS of help (Pic Heavy)

OK, I need some thoughts and opinions (even from you newbies and lurkers!). I am doing DDs cake smash on Thursday afternoon when I get home from work. I did a bunch of photos yesterday at the same time, with the same backdrop, same tutu (ok, and some extra props that wont be in the cake smash) to test it out. I tried some indoors, but there was not enough light and space to make it work, so I headed out to the garage. I got all kinds of crazy color casts depending on the angle I was shooting from, so I had to hand process each of these. I know they aren't too consistent (which I am ok with since it is JMK), but how do they look? I had to warm them up a LOT, but it's hard to tell if they are too yellow now.
I need to have this RIGHT on thursday and dont have another chance to test shoot. I can't shoot in RAW or use ACR (long story) and dont have a gray card. These were on auto WB, maybe I should shoot on cloudy?

Settings for ALL are ISO 200, f/3.5, SS 1/250 (all shot with my nifty fifty)











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This is literally a flying visit but there are some really cute shots here. I used to shoot with AWB and the difference between shots taken at the same time drove me mad, so I started shooting on the cloudy preset, so at least the colour is consistent and makes editing easier. Plus I like slightly warmer images anyway.

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if you feel comfortable with shooting on cloudy and have tried it before and have gotten good results, then go for it. I haven't really shot on cloudy or any other settings really. sometimes I do but always get horrible results. but that's just me. Smile i haven't really ventured away from AWB yet unless you count using a grey card but I rarely use that.

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I agree w/ Kerry. I find setting some kind of WB preset at least gives consistent results. Even if you have to edit it quite a bit in ACR, at least it should be the same for each shot taken.

I hope the cake smash goes well. You got some really fun test shots here. I love the little crown. That pedestal makes a great prop as well.

I can't wait to see the 'official' cake smash pics.


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Adorable!!! I can't wait to see the "real thing"! The color and lighting look best to me in #1, 2, and 7; compared to the others where she seems pretty gray and non-contrasted, to me.

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I can't wait to see what you come up with soon!

I agree with others on cc here on color and angles. I think you'll do fine. If you are more comfortable shooting with "shady" then I would do it. Biggrin

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Definitely set your WB in advance. If you can't use a custom WB, then use a preset and then edit in batch mode in ACR. Because you're right, your colors are all over the place.

LOVE your first edited one, just adorable!!!! Most of the others seem underexposed a tad to me. Glad you're getting in so much practice before you attempt the cake. Wink I love seeing Bentli!

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Thanks guys. I hate that I can't use RAW or ACR and am so limited in PS... I need to get a newer version of PS that will support ACR and make the leap!

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Nothing new to add, but just wanted to say that these are adorable!!! I hope your cake smash goes well Smile