need an opinion please

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need an opinion please


Sorry to flood the board today but I'd really like an opinion on these edits please.

and on this one please

and last one please Smile

Thanks again


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It's good to see SOMEONE posting, Cazz! Flood as much as you like! Smile

Here is my $0.02 worth ...

1. I *love* the moment captured here and your niece is just cuter and cuter! Mom's face is completely in shadow though and that does distract a bit. Not a lot, but a bit (imho). I wouldn't mind seeing this in color to see if the effect is as noticeable. It's possible the conversion makes it stand out more.

2. SUPER SWEET! Baby looks a touch yellow on my screen, but I need to recalibrate again, so take that w/ a grain of salt. I love the composition.

3. This is another really nice one, but I like it better in b&w. As for the b&w ... it looks a touch bright on my screen. You might back off just a little on that. I think I know the look you were trying to achieve, as the brightness softens the image, but it looks just a little over done here.

Another great set, Cazz! You have some amazing model with which to work! I hope you're having as much fun as it looks like you're having with them. Biggrin


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These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

#1 What a sweet moment to caputure! At first I was like "WOW, that's a very detailed tattoo on her neck!" LOL, it's your watermark! Like GiGi said, I would like to see it in color to see how the shadow is on your sisters face

#2 & 3 PRECIOUS!!!! Absolutely precious! I think the B&W is a little too bright, but I'm at work and the two monitors I have don't even look the same, so I'm SO not even close to calibrated.

Seeing these is making me excited to get to do my first newborn shoot in March. Maybe I should start practicing with a doll!!! LOL, those could be some funny pictures!

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I love these too (saw #1 at Flickr), but agree with the CC...I think the conversion of #3 just suffers from having NO darks, only mids & lights. Smile maybe if you brought the fur "back down", the baby would stand out more and you'd have more contrast?

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Thanks for the opinions, very much appreciated.

I actually ran a PW photoshop action on 2 and 4 just played with the opacity on them


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Great work on all of them you did a wonderful job. Really no CC to add.

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LOVE the emotion on this one, but agree that the mom's face is too dark.

Really love the sweet pose on the 2nd baby and like it in b&w, but really like the color best. The b&w is a little too bright for me.