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Need opinions

Just some stuff I'm working on... I need some thoughts on a few images, if you have time.

First off, the shot I took today, it's not one of my best but I'm trying to work out some processing stuff. It's hard to figure out which I like best and I'm curious to know what other people prefer: something more muted, or something that 'highlights' the drop better with more contrast. Thoughts?


Also, these are a few older images, but again I'm working a bit on processing and trying to figure some stuff out for our local camera club. Do any of these work for you? What do you like best? Is there something you DON'T like? They are a random selection of a few images I've been waffling about for a while.





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Tracy - Personally, I like 1a better than 1b. It's more dramatic and draws me right to the drop. In the more muted edit, I find my eye wanders about more.

I like your older 3 images as well, but the blurred stalk of wheat (??) is too distracting, for me. I think you could clone it out without TOO much work, but as-is, it's distracting.

The bottom two are "picture perfect" imho! Biggrin I love them both, but the last one (#4) is one I would love to have printed and hanging in my home (even though it's far from my typical style of decorating). It's both tack sharp and creamy smooth. AWESOME!


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LOL, GiGi... this is what makes asking for opinions so interesting. The 'blur' is what 'makes' that image for me. It's a ray of sunshine coming right through the stalk, I just love it. But perhaps your reaction is more typical of other viewers who don't immediately get what it is. Which, like I said, is why it's helpful/interesting to ask for feedback!!

Thanks for the other comments too. I do think 1a is more dramatic, so that makes sense. And #4 is a fave of mine too. Some day I would like to get that one done up larger. I just love the detail and colour of that perfect little hydrangea!

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I like the first edit better. I think it highlights the drop perfectly. Not that the other isn't wonderful as well.

As for the others, they're wonderful. I don't really have anything to say about them besides praise Smile

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Thanks, Steph, I really appreciate the feedback!

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I do like 1a. But I really like 1b too. My eye might wander around, but the lines always bring me right back to the drop. Depending on the purpose of the image, more dramatic isn't always best. I absolutely LOVE the dandelion shot! Awesome detail, and great perspective. Nice and warm, and oh that yummy bokeh!

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At first glance, I said 1b. After looking again, I say 1a. I really like the richness of it. Great, amazing shot btw!
2. I do like this, but I feel as though it's not as crisp as I would like it to be. I still think it's a great shot, but not my fave.
3&4- I'm with GiGi- FANTASTIC!

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Thanks for the feedback, that really helps me. I have terrible 'issues' with trying to pick images for camera club competitions, and this clarifies some things for me.

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#1 I like the first, it is very dramatic.

# 2 I love the colour and the glow but find the white streak in bit distracting.

# 3 is beautiful

# 4 a beautiful shot love the focus, seems a little blue to me, though that is more just a personal preference, I do lean towards warmer images.