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Thread: need opinions comp card photos ADDED OLDER COMPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by daniellec.parker View Post
    I think yours are just as good if not better than the others. You did a great job of capturing her personality. And I like how her hair isn't done exactly the same in all of them. I think it helps to see the different styles she can pull off with her hair. A hair style says a lot, and can really make the "feel" of the look they are going for. JMHO.

    Only thing that I might suggest is to try a different crop on #1. She's just a tad too centered for me.
    Thanks Danielle, the 1st picture will be used in the middle of her comp card. So if you look at her latest comp card the back has 3 pictures. I chose to go with 3 rather than 4 (thanks Tracy) so you can see her better. So on the back I put #2 left #1centered and #5right. Thats why she is so centered but I agree if it were for my wall it might bother me lol!
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    I think the shots are good, they seem comparable to the other ones you used in quality.

    What I will say is if you are aiming for 12-14 years you may want to make her look a bit younger, to me she seems in the high end of that range.

    * Amanda *

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