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Need Quick CC

I've got to get these to the printers for Rylee's V-day cards for Monday.

What do you think of this??? I'm not sure of the colors and not thrilled with the photo....but this 2 year old was a pain to try to have sit still. And then she refused to keep the monkey out of the photos Sad

Give it to me...what needs to be changed

Rylee 2011 V Card


Just found this and like this one better....?

Rylee 2011 V Card 2

Ok, I think this is my fav. I wasn't a fan of be mine, so I changed it....opinions?!

Rylee 2011 V Card 3R

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20 views and no comments? All you have to say is which one you like best. No serious CC needed!! PLEASE!!

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Sorry, I viewed earlier but was half asleep then.

I think the first one is really cute, but the purple of the monkey does distract. I love the expression and colour and everything in the last one. I'd probably go for Happy Valentine's Day too.

Such a very cute little girl you have! Smile

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Thank you Tracy! Just wanted some feedback Wink

Yes I agree about the monkey. She refused to let him go Sad Glad i got one without him.

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Love the last one! and the change in the text is one I'd use too. Smile Very cute!

(I haven't been on here, so this was the first time I've seen it - and I don't have time to look at any other threads, so yours is the only one I'm replying to. Wink )

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I like the last one the best! Rylee is a cutie!

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Thanks Gwen, you're a sweetheart Biggrin

I think I like my last one the best too.

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They are all super cute. My fave is the 2nd with Be Mine.

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#2! I do like the third how it says Happy Valentine's Day, just not a huge fan of the font. They're so cute!

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#2 also.

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Thanks Jamie, Islandgirl, and Kristin!

I'm not too fond of the font for Happy Valentine's Day.

What about this one?
Vday Card Edit 2R

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Soo cute! The second pic is perfect for a V-day card.
I definitely like the last one you posted best (the 2nd pic, Happy Vday with new font)...
I'm wondering if the text should be centered in the right half...

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I like the 2nd one with "be mine" the best actually! But Happy Vday totally works too. I def like the 2nd image better, the first was cute but her knee being cut off was distracting to me. How cute!

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I vote for 'be mine' They are both cute though. Second picture fits perfectly Smile

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You did well I know how difficult it is to photograph an active 2 year old. I think #3 is the best.

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I like #3 Smile

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I like your last edit!

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Thanks everyone for the input! I finally decided on a version of #3. I went through a ton of fonts.

Bit of warning. I didn't have time to have them printed at WHCC so I settled for Walmart....BIG mistake. My prints came back looking horrid Sad I've had better luck with RitzPix, so I'm having them re-printed there. DH says I'm being silly. BUT, if I'm giving these to Rylee's classmates (which end up in Parent's hands) I don't want my photo to look like crap!

Here's hoping they turn out better at Ritz.

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I don't blame you one bit! You spent a lot of time getting it right before you had them printed, so you want the product to reflect that...I would have done the same thing and my hubby would have felt the same way as yours about it, haha!
I usually use Ritz as well for quick prints. I could be wrong, but I think they're the only 1 hr lab (near me at least) with matte...I'm not a fan of glossy prints. I hope your prints from Ritz come out better! Smile

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Sorry I didn't get on here quick enough to comment. Those all came out pretty cute. Of the ones you posted, my favorite is the last one.

I have had decent luck with printing at our local Ritz, so I hope you'll be happy with your results.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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I like the 3rd one best! Both the picture and the wording. But then we REALLY dislike the word "mine" in our house. The whole 1-2 year old "mine" thing is a big pet peeve of mine.

How did they end up turning out at Ritz? I don't blame you. I would have them reprinted also. It would be one thing if it were a quick snap shot and you weren't into photography, but since you are you only want to display your best, and it would suck to have a great photo that was ruined because of the printing.

I really wonder how accurate the "views" is. I have posted a thread on a very unactive board before and there are over 10 "views" before I even get back to the main page.

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I think it turned out great!

I have to see if we have a Ritz near us. I got some last minute pics printed at Walmart before Christmas and they turned out TERRIBLE. Never again.

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I like what you decided to go with, and I hope that the Ritz pictures came out ok. My DH is also just like yours, and he likes to print with Walgreens. Everything always ends up green and dark with them. Blech.

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Wolf/Ritz came out looking a lot better than Walmart. If I have a complaint, it would be that they are lighter than I would like. But, that's better than the highly contrasty/blue mess I got fom Walmart.

Tara, you could be right about the post count thing. I've posted on my July board when it is slow and as soon as I post I've had reads. Hmm, maybe I should check with Admin about that...?

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I'm just looking now. I like #3 too and would have said that one.

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I love them all! I would have had a hard time choosing! She's a doll!