Need some help! (PICS added)

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Need some help! (PICS added)

Sometimes it's not as fun to share our less-than-spectacular images, but I do need help on this, if anyone can take the time to give me opinions.

The local camera club I belong to does something called a "summer shoot" every summer, while we aren't meeting. To keep people shooting in the summer, they assign eight subjects and then everyone submits their assigned subjects in a collection and we have a competition for the best summer shoot portfolio. I am NOT at all happy with what I have for several of my summer shoot categories, and I still have a bit of time to try to get some better shots -- particularly in the "Farms" and "Smoke Photography" categories -- but IF I don't get anything better and have to submit with what I have, I'd really like some feedback as to which images you think are best for each category.

Can you tell me for EACH category, which one you like best?!


Long exposure 1 - My least fave, but an option.
The Meeting Place

Long exposure 2 - Not a fave either, but I got some good response from this elsewhere, which surprised me.
Life's a Blur

Long exposure 3 - I like this, but fair ride images are pretty common and not all that interesting in some respects, I suppose. It is my longest exposure, though! (30 seconds)
PNE 2013

Long exposure 4 - My fave, but also my shortest exposure (1/6th, hand held).
Musical Ride

FARM category. Weird that I had so much trouble with this category, as we're surrounded by farms. But getting a good farm picture relies mostly on being out at the right time of day, which has not happened much this summer.

Farm 1 - Just think this is deadly dull in spite of it being the golden hour:
Abbotsford Countryside

Farm 2 - I love this, but it's the least "farm" in some ways. The house looks farmhouse-y, and there are crops in the upper left portion of the image, but it may not be 'enough'.
Morning on the Farm

Farm 3 - My fave, but are crops in and of themselves enough to speak to a 'farm' category?
Touched by Gold

SMOKE category. What I wish is that I knew a smoker (!!!) who would let me do an almost silhouette portrait against a dark background, lit behind and to the side to catch the smoke... but alas, I do not. DH may help me with this idea, but using a candle or match rather than smoke.

Smoke 1 - I hope airplane 'smoke' counts. I do think these are not condensation trails, but chemical smoke/fumes.
Chilliwack Flight Fest 2013

Smoke 2:
Chilliwack Flight Fest 2013

Smoke 3 - I like aspects of this, but it's certainly not a zinger of an image.
Fort Langley

SHADOWS category:

Shadows 1:
Shades & Shadows

Shadows 2:
Beach Play

Shadows 3:
Pier Dancing


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Long Exposure:
I get what you're saying about the fair pics being over done, but the ferris wheel is my favorite of the bunch. The horse is a little too shaky for my tastes.

I love #2 and #3. I'm leaning more toward #2, though.

When I was reading what you wrote about wanting to know a smoker, I was actually thinking about a campfire until you posted one. I would imagine you could try the same thing with a campfire against the dark background lit from behind roasting a hotdog or a marshmallow. Not sure if you have enough time to create that though, so my favorite is #1.

#1 uses the theme the best, as the shadow is the focus of the image. The other two have the shadows, but I wouldn't call it the main focus.

These are all great images, Tracy! You have done a wonderful job this summer!!!

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Long Exposure:
I have to agree w/ Steph ... I know the fair pics are very common, but you did a great job here - it's a super strong image (imho) and thus the one I would go with.

My favorite is #2. It's a little blown in the clouds where the sun shine is coming from, but I still think it would be my choice - it looks plenty "farm-ish" and the light play is really nice.

Your ideas seem really cool. I think that would be fun. Blowing out candles on a cake would be fun to do like that too. I think my favorite from this set is #1. The blown spots on #2 take it out of contention and #3, like you said, is just not a "zinger" of an image.

My favorite of this group is #2. The shadow may not be the main subject, but my eye is immediately drawn there. I don't think you could go wrong w/ #1 either.

I think it's great that you are active with this group. I wish I had access to something similar.

TFS, Tracy and best of luck!


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Long Exposure- I like #2 the best. I do agree that #3 is seen a lot, but it's a neat shot!

Barn- #2 is my favorite, with #1 coming in a close second.

Smoke- Love the airplane shots! I think I prefer #2 over #1. I do like #3 though, you have a nice bokeh...have you tried to convert this one to B&W? I'm curious what it would look like.

Shawdows- I like #3 the best, but I agree with Steph that #1 fits the theme better.

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Thank you guys!! That's really helpful feedback, I appreciate it very much!

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I hope I am not too late. I have been so busy.... forgive me please!

Long Exposure: My fave is #3, but I do understand where you are coming from. If I had to choose another it would be #2.
Farm: LOVE #2. PERFECTION in my opinion!
Smoke: Guess I am the odd man out, but #3 appealed to me the most. I love it!
Shadows: #1 is my favorite. I agree with Steph, it's the main focus! Great job!

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No, not too late at all, Sadie, thanks for the feedback!

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I agree with Steph on all accounts.