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Need some ideas

For Mother's Day my older two kids each gave me several coupons for 20 min to 45 min photo sessions (them posing, me shooting)... My almost 13 year old daughter will be pretty easy to think up fun ideas for, but I am TOTALLY lost with my 8 1/2 year old son. He will follow through with a good attitude as long as my ideas are not "embarassing" in public... I have searched ILP and flickr, but not found much. Suggestions?

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I don't really have any great ideas, but I wanted to say that was a really sweet and adorable thing your kids did for you!

My only thought was, what does your son like to do that you might could use in a photo? Like any kind of sports or whatever he enjoys that you could use to make the shoot more fun for both of you. Or what about a local park? You could just capture him being himself that way he doesn't feel like he is "posing" which might seem embarrassing at his age.

Anyway, good luck and let us know what you come up with. And post pics!

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my only 'model' is an 8.5 year old boy, so I totally feel your pain!

For me what works best is, like Sara suggested, keep it related to something he likes. Does he play sports? Ride a skate board? Action photography is a lot of FUN (imho). And boys seem to relax more when they don't feel like they're posing for you.

What's his favorite team? Could you do a shoot in his favorite jersey or uniform?

Gwen did a really cool shoot w/ her DS and his best friend in front of some urban graffiti for his 8th birthday that looked really neat. You might check out her blog or flickr stream for those.

I'm planning a 'like Father, like Son' shoot for a Father's day present for DH. DS and I are going to dress him in clothes like his dad (khaki pants, button up shirt, and hat). I'm guessing this might be too embarassing for your boy, but I'm lucky in that Logan suggested it for us. We're getting DH a new hat (fedora style) for Father's day and Logan is going to model in it for pictures that will be given with the hat, framed for DH's office.

Anyway ... those are a few thoughts.

I never find good ideas for boys of this age on flickr. But sometimes you can look at poses and such for senior guys and get some ideas.

Good luck and be sure to post your results!


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I took Andrew to a cool bridge for his 8 year shots. Find some graffiti, cause that was really cool. In fact, Andrew asked if we can do his 9 year photos at the same spot.

here's one from that session:
IMG_8627 cop y

And like GiGi suggested, skateboarding is cool too

Will he jump for you? I got Andrew to jump for a sunburst shot for me (might be a fun thing to practice with too)

IMG_1089 web

Can't wait to see what you get! And I agree, that's an awesome gift! I have to BEG Andrew to let me photograph him these days. Sad