Need some LIGHTING feedback

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Need some LIGHTING feedback

Bentli's birthday is coming up and since she is my last baby, it is my last chance for my own kid's CAKE SMASH! I was originally planning for a garage shoot, but the monsoons have been crazy and the breezes come up quickly and with no mercy, so I may have to do this indoors in front of the patio doors (blinds raised for light). I plunked DD in her high chair and tried to see what I would get for lighting (will probably do a test shoot this week too). ANY CC welcome!

ISO 500, SS 1/160 and f 2.8 (will need to up my SS and comp with ISO or ap for the real thing)


minor adjustment in curves

curves and saturation +10

curves, sat +7, crop and sharpen

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The focus is off here, but I think if you bumped up your ISO and your SS, it should work. Can't wait to see photos!

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The main thing that stuck out to me was focus. With more focus I think the lighting would work fine!

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I think she looks soft here. if you're doing a cake smash, you're going to want to close your ap more because you're going to want the cake in focus too. trust me on that one. Wink BTDT ...

your edits look good though, and I love her pretty eyes! I can't believe she's almost 1!

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I think pp have pretty much covered it, but I did want to say that your edits look really good.

Is she REALLY almost 1?????


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I like the lighting. It's nice. I would make sure that the catchlights don't fall directly on her iris. Do you have a reflector or a white board to put it in the other side of the light source, so that you will not get harsh shadows - you don't in this picture, but since she will be moving not sure if that will create shadows.

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El's got a good suggestion about the reflector or white board. If you have to close your ap, you're going to have to raise your ISO even more. But I'm thinking you're going to want a more closed ap and a fast shutter speed to get the cake smash and I don't know if you'll have the most light for that.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I wll try another test run this week with higher SS and ISO, ap a little moe closed up (4.0?) and a reflector!