Need some photoshop help merging two edits ...

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Need some photoshop help merging two edits ...

My daughter was so cute the other night. I was cleaning up after dinner and she ran in and told me the sky was so pretty and I had to take pictures. Can't turn that down, can I? She wanted to be in them too, but the only way to get her properly exposed was to use my flash. I use auto WB and I'm guessing that the use of the flash forced a different WB and the sky turned orange in the background.

I want to merge two edits of the same RAW file. Natalie with a proper WB and the sky with a proper WB.

Here's Natalie

Sep022010_0034 nat by coolmama72, on Flickr

And here's the sky

Sep022010_0034 sky by coolmama72, on Flickr

And here's my attempt to merge using layer masks ... the problem is her hair - the sun shines right through it, making it blue/orange depending on the version. Ack!!!

Sep022010_0034 edit by coolmama72, on Flickr

I can't stress too much about it, because I don't have a lot of free time. But I have a cute series of photos from this (as her dad was making faces through the window behind me, and it was all quite funny) and I really didn't want to use the orange sky because that's not how it really was. *sigh*

Am I missing an easy fix to this?

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My selection method may have been screwing me up ... I used the wand to select her and created a layer mask from that selection and THEN used the big brush.

So I tried again without using the wand, just the brush, and got a satisfactory version. Do you see blue in her hair? I'm not seeing much of it, so I think it might work.

Sep022010_0034 by coolmama72, on Flickr

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that second edit is better Smile looks like it just might take awhile but it looks good so far.

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I don't see blue in your last edit. It looks good to me. Hope it didn't take too long to do.