need some PP help fixing a blown/blue hat please

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need some PP help fixing a blown/blue hat please

the orginal image is underexposed a bit, but still blew out the white of the hat rim. i've done a curves adjustment and masked the hat back in (i haven't started working on baby's skin yet, he was jaundice), so that is it's sooc color. any ideas on how i can pull the blue out of the hat rim? tia!!

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I don't have any advise to offer, but I just wanted to say that is shot is adorable.

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the blue doesn't jump out at me. I mean, yeah, it's a cooler white but it doesn't stand out as blue at that size. I'm sure it's more blue in the full size original. you can always just do a selective color layer of just the hat rip (select with lasso or selective brush then do new layer) and then remove some of the blue.

it's a cute shot for sure!

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No pp suggestions here either, just wanted to say its an adorable shot!