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I finally have gotten through my whole manual and been able to fidget with my camera some. Tomorrow I'm doing my first "real" session. I am taking photos of my friend Stephanie and her 18 month old tomorrow morning. I am doing it for free and using them as guinea pigs lol. But it's a real set up time to take pictures of other people rather than family. I am nervous! We are going to go a few places in town I think to try to get some different shots... We are close friends so she isn't uptight about anything and said "no pressure." but I feel like this is getting more real. I have some other people who want me to take some shots as well. If I am any good I don't know how many people to take pictures of before starting to charge. :/

Wish me luck. I'll post some original and edits after I take them and have time to put them up.

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I've just started doing free sessions recently and am so freaked out each time! But it's always better than I expected, and I've always been able to get some images that the people really like. I'm sure it will be the same for you too! Good luck and let us know how you do!

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Good luck! It's always nice to have victims... er... volunteers... haha

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I can imagine how nervous you are, I would feel the same way. I am sure you'll get some shots your friend will love. My DH (who is awful with people pictures) got some wonderful shots at my BFF's wedding, and she really appreciated them.

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Relax and have fun! I'm sure you will come away with some shots your friend loves. Just think of it as a well documented play date. Biggrin

I hope you get to share some of your shots with us here.


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