Nervously asking for C&C (PIC HEAVY)

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Nervously asking for C&C (PIC HEAVY)

This will be my first time posting pictures on here for C&C. I'm honestly nervous about doing so because I feel so incompetent compared the awesome pictures you ladies take! I'm still learning how to use my camera (Rebel xsi) and playing around with the manual modes. Last weekend I took my daughter to the ocean to take her 3 year pics. They were taken very close to dusk so that's why some of them appear more warm than others.. I"ve included some of my favorite shots for you to C&C. These are all SOOC. Is it better to save them to view for web? (I typically just upload to photobucket). Any advice would be greatly helpful.

ss 1/64, f16

2. ss 1/128, f11

3. ss 1/128, f11

4. ss 128, f11

5. ss 1/160, f11

6. ss 1/128, f11
Cadence is trying to hold up 3 fingers... turned out to be quite the task! Smile

7. ss 1/128, f11

8. ss 1/99, f11

9. ss 1/128, f 11

10. ss 1/197 f 11

11. ss 1/197 f 11

12. ss 1/197 f5.6

13. any chance at all of saving this one?? or is it doomed to the land of monochromatic?

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I think 7 is my fav. The horizon is straight, her hair is slightly blowing, she has a huge smile, and the exposure looks right on to me. Great shots, too. I think the last one is probably gone for good, though. Even if you shot in raw it looks like it'd be hard to recover those blown areas. :?

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First off welcome and way to go for posting your first pics!! Cadece is such a cutie! Don't be nervous, there are a great group of ladies here and we all had our first pics posted at one time! People are great at giving some honest cc here! I do feel that sharpening for web helps out, not sure how to do it in all editing programs, but I use elements and I do an unsharp mask/500, 0.2, 0. One piece of cc I have is to watch out for your backgrounds. There are a few random people on the beach that my eye goes to. Also, alot of them are a bit too centered for my taste. Watch out for the rule of thirds (I still struggle with that). I like 7 cause shes a bit uncentered. I like 10 as well...good job getting her, her shadow and the 3 all in the pic, but I'm not a fan of the people in the background :). Also, watch out for limb chops. I have learned that limb chops are okay sometimes, but try not to have them happen at the joints, perfect example #7 is right at her elbows. I know how hard it is to get a 3yr old to stand still, so great job capturing her! Looking forward to seeing more from you soon! I'd also reccommend reading some of the tutorials/info in the stickys, they have helped me out alot.

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Linda, so glad to see you here!!!

Okay, just a few comments, because I don't want to overwhelm you. Wink I know you're dealing with the sun setting here, but there's just too much red going on. Definitely cool these down. And you have a lot of limb chopping going on. I'm not sure where the best place is to cut a limb off, but I think in your case, you either need to crop some of the "head shots" higher on her arm. Not having her hands in the frame is distracting (because you do have the crooks of her elbows).

I usually resize mine to 600-800 pixels before I upload to share. And if I remember, I sharpen for web (I usually forget that part).

My favorites are 3, 5 & 7. But you want to watch how she's on the horizon. The ocean seems to cut through her neck (if that makes sense). But I don't know a way to suggest a change for you. Maybe if you're shooting a couple of degrees higher than you are (I'm assuming you're crouching at her level to get these), it will change her placement relative to the horizon.

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Thanks for all of your comments ladies! I appreciate the custructive criticism.... i'm definetly still in the very early stages of learning, so any advice is definetly welcoming. Trying to take pictures of a soon to be 3 year old at the beach was more difficult than I had imagined. She obviously was much more impressed with the sand than with me taking her pictures. I didn't even think about the horizon line of the ocean while I was taking these - i was so preoccupied with trying to focus in on her face (which also compromised her limbs!) OUCH! Thanks so much again ladies. I do have PSE, so I can get rid of the background things that are distracting (like that couple that just held each other for about an hour - they must not have been married!) Lol I will try to sharped for web too! I hope you don't mind if i post more pics as I continue this journey.

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Let me just say.... you n ever stop learning, no matter how much you improve there is always something new to learn and some way to grow!

I think you did great, yeah they are quite warm and you have some OOF shots but you did great with comp and you had some good ideas

#'4 8 & 11 are my faves.... love the red hair and LOVE the curls!