New camera - hope to be back soon

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New camera - hope to be back soon

So I posted a month ago that my camera (Xti) dropped and wasn't working correctly. I just received my new camera - Canon Rebel EOS t1i - today!!! I was super excited until I put my 50mm lens on it and the lens is busted too Sad I guess the camera fall damaged everything. Booo.

But I have two other lens' my friend let me borrow to try out. One is a 28-80mm (which doesn't seem like the best lens according to some of my brief looking on the internet) and the other is a 70-300mm lens.

I have two sessions planned in a couple of weeks with a family and then a set of siblings. I may also be trying a maternity and then a newborn session for the first time ever.
Sooo, I need to practice with this new camera. I am just SO bummed about my 50mm. So frustrating.

So hopefully I'll be back soon with some things to share. Haven't been commenting lately b/c I've not been on my laptop to respond to the threads. Hope to catch up over this coming weekend Smile

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Congrats on the new camera, can't wait to see what you do with it! Smile

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WOOHOO on the new toy, but bummer on the lens. I hope you get a replacement soon!!!

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ooh fun... sorry about your lens though.

look forward to your new images


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Oh man, that really sucks about the lens Sad But awesome on the camera!

Question about it: Can you use the viewfinder like a point and shoot when just taking pictures, or does it only work like that for video? That (and the video option) is what I miss about my point and shoot.

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sorry to hear about the lens Sad but congrats on the new camera

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Steph, do you mean using the screen during photo-taking? I don't think any SLRs do that...someone correct me if I'm wrong...

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Yeah, I've never known an slr to do that, but for some reason I was thinking that you could with this one. I could be totally wrong though lol!

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Sorry to hear about the damaged camera and lens, glad to hear that you got a new one. Can't wait to see all your new shots.

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yay for a new toy! Good luck on the photoshoots! Smile

My Olympus will let you look at the screen instead of the view finder if you switch it that mode, but the camera is slower to respond. I much prefer using the view finder, unless DH is taking a picture of the two of us-- then we flip the screen around. So no one gets cut off.

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Sorry about the lens, that sucks!! But awesome for the new camera! Can't wait to see some shares.

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Enjoy your new camera and borrowed lenses! Hopefully you'll be able to replace the 50mm soon.