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New :-) (CC pleaz)

I'm new to the board and wanted to get your opinions on some of my photos.
I have a plain 'ole P&S digi camera. The pictures aren't always clear, it doesn't always take the picture as quickly as I need it to, and I have to edit a lot! I'm really wishing for a new camera after tax time-- any suggestions?
I like to photograph people just doing what they do. I can do posed shoots but I'd rather, especially with a child, just photograph them being them. Those moments that we tend to just let pass us by are the ones that tell us so much about a person-- and those are the moments I like to capture the most.
Anywho, here a few pix from my collection-- thanks for looking! Smile
(Also, as you will see, I do a lot of B&W! I'm hoping to get away from this as soon as I get my new camera but for quality purposes, this works the best.)
All pix taken at the beach didn't turn out well in color, it was very over-cast that day. Sad

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Nice to have you join us! I'm a beginner too, and it's such a great place to learn.
I really like the intention behind your photos, and I can tell that with a little practice you'll be producing some great pics! Of course, a DSLR doesn't hurt either...but you have to focus on the principles of photography if you want a dramatic change.
I have a Canon Rebel XSI and a few different lenses, and I really love my camera!

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Hi there! Welcome to the board! You've got some cute shots there. Smile I started out with a P&S years ago when I first came here. I was always taking pics outdoors to get good light and I first focused on composition and learning manual mode on my small P&S. When I finally outgrew it, I then got my Canon 40D. But you can do a lot with a P&S. I still use mine every now and then. You got some great ideas behind those shots. The black and white is more like grey and white. It's a bit flat and could use some more contrast. Do you shoot in color then convert to b&w? That's always the best way to go Smile Stick around and I'm sure you'll learn lots!

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Welcome to the gang! Many of us start w/ a p&s and while I can certainly understand your frustration (the lag in shooting was always my biggest complaint), you can still get some great shots with your camera. It seems to me you have a natural eye for composition. I love your photojournalism style.

For your b&w conversions, a boost in contrast will really make these pop. Would you mind sharing your process for converting to b&w?

I look forward to seeing more from you.


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I also got frustrated with shutter lag, and that's why I moved on to DSLR Biggrin
I really like that pic of your DSS, DS, and DH at the bar and agree with everyone that adding some contrast will really make your B&Ws vibrant.

As far as camera suggestions go, what camera do you have now? What memory do you use currently, and are you able/willing to change the kind of card you're using now? I went with Nikon because our P&S camera used SD cards, and our laptop had a built-in SD slot. It just so happened that when I upgraded the camera body (went from a D50 to a D200), I had to switch card types, but I was so in love with the brand that I didn't care. Once you decide what brand to go with, you're pretty locked in (unless you have boohoodles of money) because lenses are not exchangeable (at least not from Nikon to Canon).

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Welcome to the board, I totally understand the love of taking candid shots, I've always been a fan of taking them myself.

Your pictures are wonderful, love the one with your little guy standing on the car. I am just curious how are you converting your pictures to B&W, I'm not a big fan of the automatic on the camera or in most photoediting packages, learning to do a black and white conversion yourself can make a much nicer picture. Bring the contrast up a bit in your B&W photos it will brighten them up a bit.

I'd love to see these in sepia also.

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welcome!!!!! definitely upgrade to a DSLR, shutter lag is painful!!! what do you use now? I'm a Canon girl, so I started with the Rebel when I upgraded.

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I too am curious what kind of camera you have. Some P&S have a manual mode, and if yours does, I reccommend trying it out. I worked with a P&S for years. DH saved money without me knowing and told me to get the higher end camera that was there, that I liked, so I went with the Nikon D90. (@ Best Buy- it was the higher end camera, but other places, it's middle) I highly suggest going and putting them in your hands. I thought I wanted the Canon, but I liked the Nikon better.

I too love the photo of your boy on the car. Focus seems to be a bit of an issue though...some seem that way. I love candid shots as well. Smile It's life right?!

Your b&ws are a bit flat, like others have said. How are you converting?

Can't wait to see more from you!

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Welcome!! You've got some great advice and suggestions already!

You have some focus issues, but that is the camera's fault, not yours. When the camera is making the decisions for you to properly expose, it will take the shutter speed way down to get proper exposure. These are things you can help to fix with a manual mode (if your camera has one) or with a DSLR.

I started out with a used Canon XT bought off of ebay. It fit my budget at the time and it helped me learn the basics. Problem was, I grew faster than my camera's capabilities and it soon became frustrating to have that camera. So, if you can stretch your dollar to get something a bit better, then I'd definately suggest that.