The New Digital Era

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The New Digital Era

This is what I love about the digital era Biggrin


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Super sweet!!! Here's to a HH9M!!!


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Hooray! Welcome to the crazy train of the pregnant. Glad to have you as another member!

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YAY i wish you a happy and healthy 9 months mama Biggrin
before you know it you will be close to the end and wondering where the time went (seriously im freaking out lmao)

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ACK! Great pic, sweetie! And, many congratulations!

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Huge congrats!!!! HH9M Biggrin

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Awesome! Congratulations!! Smile

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CONGRATS!!!!! I had NO clue what this would be about so you fooled me! EDD?

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Congratulations!! These are my favorite kind of pictures to see Smile

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Awe, congrats Biggrin


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Thanks a lot everyone! We're pretty excited here too Smile

"sadieruth" wrote:

CONGRATS!!!!! I had NO clue what this would be about so you fooled me! EDD?

EDD would be around April 6th, which is my little brother's birthday!

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Congratulations! HH9M!

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Congrats Jennifer!

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Congratulations!!! Biggrin

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Picture of the week, Congrats! Biggrin

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Aww, I was surprised to see this when I opened it too!! Congrats, girl! Hope the m/s stays away!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I have always loved your pics, but I think this one is the best!!!

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