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new here, intro & ?

Okay.. well I'm pretty new here. My friend/neighbor Kelly (klebanik) has encouraged me to get more active .. so here I go! I'm a mama of 4 ages 9, 6, 2 & 10 mo. I am a massage therapist and a doula. I have always had an intrest in photography but my intrest turned into hobby and now my hobby is turning into a passion. I recently lost most of my hearing, rather suddenly and my world has become VERY visual. I rely on visual cues for communication along with my *new (this is week 3 with them!) hearing aids. I am finding that the things I really love to do are more difficult and I'm finding that it's easy for me to get lost in photography because I can really capture how *I* see things now. A smile is more than a smile now, a pout is more than *just* a pout now... I *see* the emotion much more now since I can't hear it like I used to and I want to learn how to put that into my photography in a more professional way. Photography has been very good for me the last several months. I can't watch tv or listen to music anymore, so I needed *something* to occupy my time in the evenings when everyone else is watching tv (no i dont use captions.. they SUCK.. the timing is horrible). SO.. there ya have it... Wink I just applied to a university nearby and I am really hoping to get accepted into their fine arts department and I want to study photography and graphic design! Until then, I'm just practicing and learning as I go.

I was going to post a picture but can't figure out how to do it! I clicked on the insert image button at the top but nothing happens? help!


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welcome! to insert a photo, upload it to a site like flikr or photobucket. then get the "direct link" url for the photo and insert it between these two codes. i can't wait to see your work!

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Welcome!! Any friend of Kelly's is a friend of mine. Smile I'm so sorry about your hearing loss--I think you are amazing for turning that loss into a wonderful, artistic view of the world around you. I admire that SO much! Can't wait to get to know you better!

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Lovely to meet you Natasha...such an wonderful story. Can't wait to see some of your work and watch you grow as an artist.

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Hi, its great to meet you! I also agree that your story is amazing and look forward to seeing your work and watching you grow. I'm still getting warm here also!


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Welcome aboard!

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Glad to see you on here! Gotta love our Kelly! Good 'ol recruiter! I look forward to seeing some pics! Smile

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Welcome! I can't wait to see your pics.

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Thanks everyone! I am really looking forward to learning from this board hopefully! I feel like i still have SO much to learn. I feel like I've got a fairly good understanding of the basics (what iso is and what it does, shutter speed and app).. but I know that is just the tip of the iceberg! I feel a little overwhelmed trying to find info on the internet b/c I have NO idea where to start! Thats why i want to take classes because right now I feel like I'm trying to put a puzzle together working from the inside out not having a "picture" to look at... I feel like I need to get my basics DOWN, like getting the outline of the puzzle and then working from there. I posted a few pics I've done and posted a few of my kiddos Wink Thanks again for the warm welcome!

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I feel like throwing a party! I am so happy you posted Tash!

You have come so far already even before your first post here. You'll learn so muc. Leaps and bounds. :bigarmhug:

I already cc'd your set, but you've got a ton of sweet pics to share!!!

Read the tutorials and they will help a ton. I'll text you in a bit to see how Kammy is feeling today.

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welcome! any friend of Kelly's is a friend of mine. Smile I heart Kelly. that's wild about your hearing. I can't imagine losing my hearing at this age (although right this second I'm not sure I'd mind, my kids are deafening) I'm glad that you were able to turn to photography. I clicked on one of your photo threads first, and you really take nice photos.