New House New family....

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New House New family....

Hi all

Finally got our internet connected after our move into the new house(YAY)

Anyway got to do a shoot with a lovely family yesterday and thought I would share.

All natural light.....anyone have any tips on how to reduce the light in the eyes while trying to keep the scene lit as much as possible?

ISO 100
SS 1/125 and above
AP varied


2......I know.... selective coloring but I think it works here








Thanks for looking


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Congrats on the move.

1. I really like this shot. Can I ask how you have her sitting?

2. I don't mind the selective coloring. I know it's not "in", but some people really like that sort of thing. As long as it's not "overdone" then I'm good with it.

3. Cute shot... I think I would brighten it a bit though...

4. Sometimes those moments are worth capturing.

5. For some reason I'm not digging this shot, but I do like her eyes in this shot. I'm all about their eyes "popping".

6. Cute... maybe could use a little more contrast...

7. - 9. She's going to like these family shots... my only suggestions for future would be to pull them away from the background a bit more (I know sometimes that is really hard) and I would keep their heads closer together. Dad looks SUPER tall in these, but like I said, I'm sure mom will love them. I love how in 9. she's holding her daddy's finger.

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She's only 4 months old so she's actually laying down in # 1


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1. I like this one. The color looks great and her eyes do too!
2. I don't mind the selective coloring. I mean, it's not too much, but I would like it better without it b/c I LOVE your conversion!
3. cute shot, great eyes!
4 & 5- limb chops are bothering me here. I feel like she's being squished into the pic.
6. cute, good conversion.
7, 8, &9, I like 8 better b/c again, I feel like 7 & 8 are being squished into the frame. Does that make sense.

I think you did a great job. The conversions are great! Eyes are always great!

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I wish I could capture more light in my subjects' eyes, so I can't help you on that one. Smile

These shots are so lovely.

I'm a big fan of the black background, and think it brings out the details in #1 nicely.
I also like the selective coloring in #2. Also, it is a style that many parents like for kids' photos.
#3 and #5 are sweet and delicate.
I don't care for #6 as much. The contrast seems a little low to me. On the other hand, I like the BW with the parents.

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The eyes look very neat, although it's a little much for my taste. #1 is very sweet! What is that, a skirt? I really like #3 and 6 too!
I'm not a fan of #2, not because of the color, but I think the combo of her way-bright eyes and her crimped ear and her position, it overal feels unnatural-looking to me.

I like the #7 and 8 family shots, although I wish the husband were down closer to everyone. #9 is too cropped for me. #7 is my favorite of the family photos. I like the B&W on the family pic!