new lens, 1 for CC

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new lens, 1 for CC

I haven't had a chance to play too much, this is one of the first ones I got with my new 50 the other night. This is right after sunset, if you can believe it! I need to learn more about white does his skin tone look?

I have to say...I thought the clarity/quality of the 50mm 1.8 would not be as good as my 100mm 2.8 macro, which is pretty much the only lens I've been using, considering the $$$ difference ($600 vs $130) but I don't think I see much difference at all! :shrug:

Any CC appreciated...

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Nice catchlights! I think that the focus may have fell on his hair actually. I could be wrong though. WB is something I struggled with for a long time. What do you have your WB set to? I haven't had any comments on my WB lately, and I set it to Cloudy. If it were me, I'd warm it up some.

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Looks to me like it is slightly underexposed and needs some warming.

I've never used the 100mm macro, but I would think they would be on par with one another. The 100 will give you more compression, but the 50 gets you a shallower dof. Different lenses with different capabilities Smile