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New lens

I went ahead and bought the 35mm 1.8 the other day, and think I'm gonna LOVE it. When I am forced to shoot indoors, I am normally down in my basement that has a nice lookout window, but am crammed into a corner trying to get the shot with my nifty fifty. I haven't had a chance to really try it out--both my girls have pneumonia, so it's been an interesting week and a half around here, but I did take it out for a few seconds yesterday to see what I could do with it.
Just a quick snap, and I had it all the way open to 1.8 to see what it could do..probably wouldn't open it up that wide again while shooting so close.

Anyway, here's my first snap.

400 f1.8 1/400
2010 02 21_6703_edited-1

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It's beautiful....truly! Congrats on the new lens, looks like you made the right choice!

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Congrats on your new toy!

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Very nice!!