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New lens

Well we got a new lens! It is a Nikkor 70-300 mm f/4.5-5.6g vr
I have not played with it much, DH has been hogging it. It will take getting used to being zoomed in so close! I am going to be leaving work an hour early on Monday and go to a local park and play some Smile

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Fun! Post pics!

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Congrats!! It's always fun to get new toys to play with

Take that baby away from your hubby and get to shooting!!! Lol

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Woo hoo for new toys!!! Enjoy it and post some samples as soon as you can!


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I look forward to seeing your photos! I've been wanting a 300mm for a while now and am jealous. Smile

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Yay for getting a new toy! Now steal that baby from your DH and get shooting.

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Yay! can't wait to see your pics. My newest lens I got a couple months ago is a 75-300mm (I probably should have waited and gotten an IS and a bigger ap, but I didn't want to wait anymore! I've been wanting a 300mm for a decade at least and can't afford much more than this).
Mine is pretty soft at the full 300mm for many things but I still love it and have gotten some good pics from it so far! It is really good for macro too!

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Were you able to pry it from your hubby?? Can't wait to see some pics!

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How fun! I'm glad my hubby has no desire to even touch my camera...but then again maybe I would actually have some pics of myself if he did! Wink

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I will download some and post this weekend Smile the lens is taking getting used to but I like it!!!