New Lens! (Morning Shoot CC Please)

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New Lens! (Morning Shoot CC Please)

Remember my dilemma about which lens to ask for for my birthday? Well, after a huge ordeal, I finally wound up with the 50mm 1.4! Hubby wanted to get me that in the first place, but he waited a bit too long, and went to Best Buy. Well, they didn't have that. So, he picked up what he thought was the nicest lens they had there (read: most expensive lol!), and brought back the 70-300mm. Yeah, pretty much what I already had with the 55-250 that I already have. Turned out, no Best Buy in the area sells the 50mm 1.4, so we wound up taking the other back and ordering online. It finally came on Thursday, and I didn't really get to take it out until yesterday.

I too, my 3 year old out for a sunrise shoot, and I'm so happy I did! I'm so pleased with what I captured! I hope it's not just mommy goggles! I'd love feed back! I have a tendency to put the eyes in the center, so I was trying to be more aware of that. But I'd love CC on anything you can think of. I'm a little worried about the color in the backlit shots, so I'd really like thoughts on that.

You can find all of these on Flickr or my Photography Blog (

All of them were shot with the 50mm.

1/250 f/1.4 ISO 400

1/125 f/1.4 ISO 200

1/400 f/1.4 ISO 200

Same as above

1/1250 f/1.4 ISO 200

1/160 f/4.5 ISO 100

Sorry there's so many. I had a hard time narrowing it down for CC Wink You don't have to CC on all of them. Just any that stand out to you. Thanks!

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Overall, these are gorgeous! Love the lighting--I'm a sucker for backlighting and warm tones lately!
I do see several that are soft. I own the 50 1.4, and the lens actually has a "sweet spot." I find that closing it up just a tad more (2.2) REALLY helps with focus issues, and gives really nice bokeh.
Congratulations on your new toy! You'll love it!

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I dont really have any CC, but wanted to say---Precious! Smile

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When you get a new fast lens you always have to open it up all the way and play. But now that that is out of your system, I agree....close up just a touch for the sharpest images.

These are lovely..I'm not on the calibrated computer so I can't comment to much on color. My favorite is #3.

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Great set! such beautiful light. I agree about the softness, #1 and 2 look too soft but my faves are #5 and #3.

In #5 that background color & light are to die for!!!

In #5 and 6 his skin looks a tad bluish compared to the warm background. I had that happen with a couple pics of Eva this weekend when she was backlit too.

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Congrats on the new lens! Love the location and lighting. My favorite is #3.

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Congrats on your new toy!! We've all done it, got a new fast lens and open up all the way, lol! As the others say, close up a tad and you will get pin sharp images with great bokeh. Of your set my favourites are 3 & 5.

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Thanks everyone! Yeah, I've gotta go out and see exactly what it can do Wink I've never had a lens that opened up as much as this does. Most I've ever been able to get is about 3 or so. It was so much fun seeing exactly what it could do. I'll be a good student and close up now Wink

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WHOOOO HOOOO! A new toy- totally jealous here! These are great. I too say open up and let her fly! I am excited to see more! The colors here are gorgeous!

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YAY for new toys! Looks nice and crisp, even opened all the way to f/1.4! I love my 50mm/1.4 ... my sweet spot is around 2.2 ... spend a little time playing around with yours and I am sure you will find where yours is as well and then you can enjoy all of the benefits of a nice creamy bokeh with super sharp subjects. Smile

My fave from this set is #3 - that really deserves to be printed BIG and put on display. Biggrin