new project #2

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new project #2

So i posted on here about my 'new project' in early december when we found out i was PG. Well i had a miscarriage like 2 days after that. I mourned and had my time but against doc's orders went ahead and started trying again right away. My hcg levels were zero about 4 days later so i decided there was no reason to wait. Well the first re-try was a success so i'm very very cautiously optimistic. Prayers for sticky babies!!!!!

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Praying for a happy and healthy nine months!

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So sorry about your miscarriage, but congrats on your new pregnancy! Stick, baby, stick!

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What a beautiful line! I pray that you have a very happy and healthy 9 months ahead of you.

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So sorry for the MC, but praying for a great pregnancy this time with a happy, healthy babe in 9 months!

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Sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Congrats on the pregnancy, sending lots of sticky vibes your way.

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What wonderful news! Stick baby, stick!