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I really don't have much to share, since my kids are seriously avoiding my camera, and I haven't had any sessions in a couple of weeks, but since the board has been slow, I'll share a couple of my boys. CC is ALWAYS welcome.

I've been meaning to give this one another try. I had taken another one very similar this past summer (, but I wanted the comp better. I think that it's much better this time, though I was having trouble with the color. I feel like I couldn't get his face warm enough, because the background was going too yellow. Probably because I underexposed it some in camera. I need to make sure I didn't unintentionally change my metering mode, because it's been happening a lot lately...

So I converted it to b&w LOL!

My 2 year old is the WORST with the camera. I have such a hard time getting him to cooperate with me. Which, I suppose is to be expected with this age. I didn't photograph Carson much at this age, since I was pregnant and exhausted. Most of my shots are total snaps of him at 2.

Anyway, I wanted a similar shot of Jackson like the one above. I can't believe it, but I actually got him to lay down on his back and stay there for a bit. I couldn't get his head turned exactly the right way, but I'll take it!

I think this one is tilted a little Sad I'm not sure if I can straighten it without loosing more of it. I was just a bit too close to him for it, since I wasn't expecting him to raise his arms up. But, besides that, does it work? I have a hard time getting those "involved" shots where they're off in their own world to work.

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1. I definitely like this crop better than the other one you linked to. He does seem a little cool and I think I see red/magenta in his skin, but I'm not calibrated. I really like your b&w.

2. I actually like his angle a lot!

3. It is tilted a little bit, but I think it's more noticeable when comparing it to the first 2. I think it works and it's a sweet moment.

I have to say, I don't know how you got them to lay in the grass like that! When I saw your photos on flickr, I took my boys out to try out similar shots, and they would not lay their heads down. I had to put Ryken's hood up on his sweatshirt.

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I love these!! But the B&W of the first in particular is just wonderful.

I love the feel of #2 and don't mind the tilt at all. I wish his hand was completely in the frame, but it's beautiful nonetheless. (Saying that, I took a great shot of Micah today tossing rocks into a lake and cut off his hand too.... grrrrrrrr.)

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Yes, those darn hand chops! They drive me crazy sometimes! lol

Carson went down in the grass just fine (after I told him that he didn't have to look up towards the sky ha!). Jackson took a bit of coaxing. He didn't kick and scream about it, so I kind of took the approach like you would a newborn, and just kind of kept my hand on him until he relaxed. It was funny though, because he tried to imitate me at first, and rolled over on to his belly Wink

Jackson is my very uncooperative one. If he knows that I have any type of camera out (including my phone), he will.not look at me. I need to get better at shots where he's not looking at the camera...

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I think the colors of #1 are I MUCH prefer the color to the b&w. The greens, browns, and golds and the hint of sunlight along his back "edge" are to die for. Smile

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Can't see here at work. Everything is blocked again. :bigangry:

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I'm having a hard time choosing between the b&w and the color of Carson! I *love* b&w photos and this one is done really well, but his eyes look so amazing in color that I don't want to see that lost. Smile

You did well here, Steph! I like where you were going with #3. it works like this, but I am thinking that if you got a lower angle on him it might even be better.

Logan was like Jackson at that age and I have so many pictures of him NOT looking at me. but that can be used well like you show here. Focus on his hands or on whatever has attention - it will make for an interesting perspective.