New stuff. CC appreciated

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New stuff. CC appreciated

My friends let me to their engagement last year (some of you may remember them) and asked me to do their wedding this year. I am no where NEAR ready to do weddings, but offered a bride/groom session as their wedding gift. We went out last Saturday to play! I ALSO had my mom send me her wedding dress (a tea colored lace hippie dress) and bribed my oldest into letting me take some photos of her in it. She gave me 15 minutes and the sun was setting, so I had to work very fast!

DD in my mom's dress

A close up

My friends... we went to the same locations as where they got engaged. I tried to be aware of conscious framing...

I did several singles of her, and not nearly enough of him

My first attempt at "real" backlighting (with a very high sun!)

I wish we had made it to this spot before it was so dark, I may play with more color pop on this set...

CC welcome!

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#1-Okay, the landscape, the bouquet, the dress...everything is awesome! I looove it.

I think you did super good on the wedding pics. The first one is my favorite, I love the architecture and lanterns! All the pics are in focus, and the color is great on all of them except that waterfall one, I'd also like to see more "pop" with that one. I adore her dress, too.
Great job!

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Beth - these are nice. I think they need to get more pop in their color.

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Wonderful!!! I love them all!! I agree just "pop" the color and/or contrast on a few of the wedding ones. But seriously I LOVE that set and I love the buildings too, wow!

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Those are great! The ones of your daughter in that special dress are really lovely. Great mood and feel to them.

The wedding shots are beautiful! I really like #1 and #3 -- great framing and very sweet, and amazing settings!

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I love the first one of your daughter. It has a kind of dream quality to it.

My fav of the bride and groom is the one where they are kissing and she has her foot up. I'd blow up and frame that one for sure if it was me. Great composition

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Wishing they were numbered so it would be easier to CC Wink

I love just seems like it should either be a tighter crop or a wider shot. I'm kind of stuck between. #2 is cute, LOVE the flowers. All the rest (except for the backlit) could use some brightening. I want to see more light and more color. Try adding a levels layer.

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I agree with the others about the color pop/contrast. They're all really great though! You had some great locations to work with!

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wow i think you did amazing!!! beautiful!! Smile