New toys!-- added pics (pic heavy)
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Thread: New toys!-- added pics (pic heavy)

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    Default New toys!-- added pics (pic heavy)

    I had a long post all done but lost it. Grrr. So to make a long story short before the twins wake up, I have a new lighting kit courtesy of my brother and DH for Christmas. I have sold my Olympus and have a Nikon D5100 on the way.

    Even with the lighting kit set up and light coming in through the 3 windows in our dining room there wasn't enough light for my SS to go faster than 80 with the A wide open and an ISO of I think 1600... Needless to say I was frustrated. I will only be about $40 out if pocket for the upgrade. AND it takes video at 34 fps. Seeing as how the only way I could take video was with DHs iPhone (work phone) I think it is well worth it for that alone. The Nikon has a larger sensor, so I'm hoping the kit lens does a better job for me than what I had. If not, I have my eye on the Nikkor 35mm F/1.8 lens. I hear it's great for low light, indoor shots. And at only $200 I can handle it, as opposed to the nearly $500 for the equiv on the Olympus. It would be nice having the ability to really have that OOF background using F/1.8 for portraits. Nikon is a more popular brand, too, to be sure, so I figure as I get better and want to invest in more lenses and such, it will be easier to find used/refurbished ones.

    OH, and DH has done some research and has found a way to make me a "bounce flash" out of household items. We played around with a mirror and flash card to bounce the flash and filter some of it at the same time and I just have to say--- wow! I was going to post a few pictures from our trip to the park on Saturday (it was an unseasonably 73 deg!), but for some reason I can't log in to using Firefox or IE. Right now I'm using Safari on th iPad. It takes longer posting pictures this way, but I will try.

    (so much for making the post short. Lol)

    ETA pictures. CC welcome-- I will have to post specs later






    And this is one I touched up from their cake smash photo shoot. I lightented it up and adjusted the color and contrast. That noiseware program did awesome!
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    Congrats on the new equipment! I can't wait to see the photos!
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    Woohoo for the upgrade!i have the d3100 and 35mm 1.8 and I very very rarely use the kit lens now. The ap. Difference is amazing! Have fun

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    Congrats on the new toys! I'd pick up that 35mm 1.8 no matter what. You won't be sorry, and I agree, I'm guessing you won't even use your kit anymore.

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    Congrats on the toys! The last pic is so cute! is messing up the aspect ratio but I clicked and looked at it alone and it's so cute!

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