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Hi I am new to well sorta I was on back in 2008 and lost my info so back again and things sure have changed.

I am a new photographer, and my favorite place in behind a camera I would love to get to know you all and maybe learn a little more as well!

I just upgraded my old Canon 300d for a 60d love my camera but esp love my L series lens.. I can't wait to get more.

My name is Kelly I have 2 children Laryssa who is 7 and Carter who is 3. My husband was just transferred to SC with work we are originally from VA. I am stay at home mom and love every minute of it!

I hope you don't mind me joining!!!

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Welcome! Can't wait to see your photos!

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HAHA I have to go back and remember how to post them:) But for now you can check out Southern Glimpse Photography on Facebook...

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look forward to seeing your work.


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Welcome to the board!

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Hi & welcome!

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Welcome to the group! Post some shots and jump right in!


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I hear lens become an addiction, right now I want one for shooting DD's hockey games, then my next goal will be a macro lens.

Can't wait to see some shares from you.

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My husband gave me the option of getting a better camera and a kit lens or get the 60d and a 24-105 L well I choose the 60D and my L lens.. Great decision. I have only done one real shoot since getting my new camera I will post a few pics. My fb page only has the one maternity session on it.

I hate to edit and I really don't like bold colors on prints.. so you will notice when I edit I pull most of the colors out of my pics... Really something that I need to get over I guess but I love very unsaturated (if that is a word LoL) photos..

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just seeing if this works...

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Nope....don't think it worked.

Welcome to the photography board. Your Facebook page seems to imply that you're in business?

I look forward to watching you grow.

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I have been offering a lot of free sessions trying to get more experience under my belt. Before I had upgraded camera's I had shot a ton of sessions. I use to manage a Walmart photography studio (commerical) and loved it and that is when I figured out that that is what I really wanted to do. Right now it is more of a hobby but I hope that one day it won't be....

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Welcome!! Smile