Newbie Introduction!

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Newbie Introduction!

Hi ladies,

I lurk on this board more than any other on and figured I should introduce myself. Smile

My name is Elizabeth and I live in Northern British Columbia with my DH and two kids. I've been studying the ins and outs of photography over the past few months while saving for a new camera. I finally saved up enough money for a DsLR and have started taking some pictures. (I have the entry level Canon EOS Rebel XS) I'm already planning on saving for a new lens, I'm thinking the 55mm 1.8 because I live up north where you're inside most of the year and our daylight hours during the winter are minimal.

I cringe at the thought of posting them here because you girls are like rock stars to me... lol I'm so in awe of the photos you produce and know that you work hard to capture them.

I hope you don't mind if I join in every once in a while. I'm hoping to really improve over the next year!

Here's a couple of pictures I've taken over the past week or so (eek!! So nervous!)

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Hi Welcome

You'll learn heaps here

Your pics are lovely


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welcome! this board is for people just beginning up to pros. I started back in Feb last year with taking pics and this board has helped me grow a lot!! Never be afraid to post your photos...we all have to start somewhere and your're doing a great job. I was always afraid of the feedback because i had a bad 'board' experience before but i've never had that here. Most of us are just moms or hopeful moms trying to capture the beautiful things around us Smile

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Yay! Glad you are posting! Your kids are adorable! I love the lifestyle feel of number four!

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Hi Elizabeth! Welcome to the board! It's always so nice to see new people around here. I love giving CC! I really feel like it helps everyone out. Helps the person asking, and also helps the person giving by looking with a critical eye. So jump right in and give your own CC as well.

You're off to a great start! Are you shooting in manual right now? I definitely suggest to go ahead and do it. Just pay attention to your light meter in your camera. I wish someone would have flat out told me to do that when I started shooting manual, so I'm bringing it up Wink lol Most of these are pretty close, so I'd back up a bit. I know it can be hard with a real little one. My little one is always trying to climb into my lap while I'm trying to take his picture. There's so much to think about in the beginning, so I'd work on just getting your exposure and focus first. You're not doing to bad right now. You're just slightly underexposing. Once you can nail those two things, then you can move on to something else, such as watching your backgrounds or eye contact. Take it one step at a time.

Can't wait to see more from you, and to watch you grow!

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Welcome! You will learn lots! I sure have... it's been almost a year and even though I'm nowhere near the other ladies here in skill, I've definitely grown!

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Thanks for the warm welcome! I am shooting in manual. I vowed to myself I would after reading threads about it on this forum. Smile thanks for the advice. I will definitely be working on what you mentioned, Stephanie.

By the way, Tracy, I think you're incredible. What you accomplish with a point and shoot leaves me in awe.