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Newbie w/a question

I am trying to learn how to take pictures indoors the best I can. I have a speedlite but it's only a 430EX and honestly, I don't know how to use it as I know it can do more than I am doing with it. My biggest problem is figuring out how to bounce the light. I have a good amount of windows in my living room, 10ft ceilings and cream colored walls. I'm not sure if any of that helps but, I need any advice possible! I can do pretty well outside but inside I'm a train wreck. I hate going over ISO200, it just bothers me. I try to stay at ISO100 as much as I can.

Any thoughts??? I have a small studio set-up still in boxes Sad as I purchased it and then we bought a house so things were hectic and now I'm not sure where I will set it up since we just decided to start ttc our last little one. I want to try to perfect indoor pictures with just my camera and flash as well as I can, and do realize that it may be an impossible feat. I did take 0293892304 pictures the other day and managed to get 1 good one of my husband and I using my tripod and timer. It was worth it for that one picture. And I can do newborns well as I generally can put them near a window.

Okay, I'm rambling. I think you get my point Smile

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I am still learning to use my speedlight too. I also have the 430ex. I think it's either hit or miss with the speedlight. Sometimes I find good spots to bounce the light from. I also have cream colored walls. What I do now is use a grey card and set my own WB using that. And it works but I also bounce from the ceiling because my ceilings are white at least. Smile I'm not really sure how others do it. I'd love to know though. I was thinking of getting a bounce card or making one at least. I tried taking the other side of my grey card since it's white and try to bounce the flash off there and it worked but I can't really hold my hand up and take a picture at the same time. Camera's too heavy Blum 3 I bounce the light from the windows too sometimes if I find the lighting too low and I see great catchlights in my kids eyes. Smile What settings do you usually use? I stay around ISO100-200 as well and shutter speed around 60 usually.

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I have really high celings, so I don't usually try to bounce off of them. I do have really good luck bouncing my speedlight off of the windows though. I try to position my subject (usually my boy or the dog) looking at the windows, even at night, and will bounce the light off of that.

Also remember that using the flash will help to freeze action, so you can slow your shutter speed down. I think I've read somewhere you can use f/4 and ss=1/40 with your speed light with good results (sorry, don't have any exif in front of me from the last time I did this).

Post some of your tries and maybe we can come up with some more specific suggestions.

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