Newborn # 2 from sunday

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Newborn # 2 from sunday

This was a tough shoot.

This beautiful little baby with a tonne of black spiky hair was pretty much purple all over her back and legs and around her sides.

I didnt get many good shots. Her parents were quite traditional and the first outfit they put on her was not something I liked personally but hey I'm not the parent.

Dad was very modest and we tried some baby on chest ones but it wasnt a happy result. I did get a cute over the shoulder one but all she wanted to do was eat her daddy's shoulder.

Anyway here are some from the shoot Biggrin

Family shot

baby Samara had a lot of fuzzy black hair over her face

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1. The family shot looks really good to me. The only thing that bothers me are the finger chops at the bottom.

2. Not a huge fan of this one, as dad looks physically uncomfortable and you can't see all of that adorable baby's face.

3. I like this one - the catchlights are really nice. Another finger chop, though.

4. Not sure what I think about this one. The hat is too much - her hair is her most striking feature. And, I've never seen a baby go home with the cord clamp still attached. It's a bit distracting, so perhaps you can clone it out. There's a hand chop in this one.

On the whole, I think your color and focus look fantastic. I love your B&W conversions, too. Great catchlights. Just watch those limb chops - it's one of my biggest faults too! Great job, Cazz!

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really cute baby all that hair!

You might though get better results with baby if you have them fall a asleep first, an awake newborn is almost impossible to pose.

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Except that the dad doesn't look very at ease with it, I actually like the #2 because it shows the baby's hair so well! and the baby has a pretty cute little expression.

I like the family shot!

I agree about the hat. The tutu is adorable, but the hat covers up the baby's most interesting feature.

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1. I love this one. Great focus, wonderful catchlights. Exposure looks really nice. Dad's grey shirt really makes baby's spiky dark hair stand out. Smile

2. I like this. yes, Dad looks uncomfortable, but in that ... "I'm a new dad and not sure I'm not going to break this child at any moment" kind of way. I do wish you had used a hair light or something to get some separation between baby's hair and the black background. Otherwise, this is a winner for me.

3. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! Her expression is just too cute. She looks like she's mad at you for taking MORE pictures. The only drawback for me is the hand chop.

4. love the tutu, but the hat isn't working for me. I don't mind the chord clip - just emphasizes how new she is.

5. great conversion. I would still prefer it w/out the hat, but the conversion looks really nice. if you can, you might back off the contrast around the bow just a bit. On my work monitor, it looks close to being blown out.

On the whole, another great set! I'm sure mom and dad will be thrilled with these (I would be)!


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I really love the family portrait! The whole set is very nice, in fact. I agree about the little hat but love the tutu. I also like your B/W conversion.

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Okay, here's my CC. I'm really trying to get better at this!

#1 - Nice family shot! Just wish the crop wasn't quite so tight.

#2 - Dad does look a bit uncomfy, but love the expression on the baby's face Smile I totally love that hair too!

#3 - I love the catchlights in this one! I just notice the finger chop.

#4 - I love a baby in a tutu! Noticing the hand chop here. Nice light in her eyes.

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Awe thanks guys for the honest CC

To be honest I didn't have a lot of room to move, Dad was in a hurry as he was on his way to work(yep on a sunday) and baby just did NOT want to sleep. I was there for over two hours, she wet through her clothes twice and mum had to feed her in the middle of it all too which I encourage for the full belly = contented sleepy baby factor but she just did not want to sleep.

Mum and Dad loved them anyway and want to do christening pictures soon.