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My cousin had her baby earlier this week, and I went to visit them yesterday. I brought along a beanbag, some blankets, and my camera for some pictures Smile It was the first time I actually tried taking newborn photos (besides the crappy ones I have of Carson when I only had my point and shoot LOL).

There wasn't much room in their tiny place, so I wasn't able to even try anything that wasn't on the bed and right next to the window. I will say, though, that it was a nice little transition into the world of newborn photography. I have an idea of what I would want for the next one.

So anyway, most of what I have is pretty close up. I see a lot wrong with them, myself, but would love your feedback as well. I've done both color and b&w on all of them. I like the b&w's best, probably because I forgot to turn off the light, and have a yellow cast on them. Whoops!

All natural light, and with my 50mm 1.4. Settings of all were 1/100 f/2.5 ISO 800

#1 (My favorite of the set)




My experience was fantastic with her. I really didn't think I would like photographing a newborn. I didn't think I would have enough patience for it. But my experience was quite the opposite. I really think I could get used to it. I now realize just how difficult some of those poses are! There was one in particular I would have loved to get, but I have no clue how people do it! (the one with the little butt up in the air) Anyway, I'd love to try out a newborn session again. I could really see myself loving it Smile

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You did a really nice job with these! Hard to believe it was your first newborn. My favs are #2 and #3. Such a little sweetheart!

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Wow, absolutely fantastic work, Steph! Amazing! First newborn and you totally rocked it.

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These are nice! Keep at it!

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Wow, these are great! They don't look at all like they are your first newborn shoot. If it were my baby, I would be so happy with these. Smile

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Steph I think you did a great job being your first! Smile Keep at it i say, you'll start to love doing them Smile #2 and #4 are my fave

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Wow! Thanks everyone! I totally wasn't expecting such good feedback!

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You did a great job, the first one is my favorite!

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Congrats to your cousin on the birth of her little one.

Your photos are wonderful you did a great job, I wouldn't have guessed it was your first time taking newborn photos.

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These are precious! #1 and #2 are my favorites.

I really like the brown blanket, too. It works so well with her skin tones and makes the photos even richer.