newborn for cc (my brand-new niece)

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newborn for cc (my brand-new niece)

OK, I have never done anything like this before (never done a newborn shoot), but my SIL just had her first baby last Wed., and she had asked me to take pics this past Sunday.

So my beautiful niece was 5 days old when I took these. But she was awake the whole time Smile I did get a couple shots of her with her eyes closed though.

This was a very tight space, next to her small bedroom window, and she is super-tiny....these are all with the 50mm. I got as high as I could get for the whole-basket shots but it wasn't quite high enough...

Please tell me how I did and what I should be paying more attention to. I see that I need to work on #5-6-7 again because the colors are off:

1. 1/640, f/2.2, ISO 1600 (the camera actually was telling me to use an even faster SS than that, but I reduced it because the pics were still too dark)

2. same settings as above

3.same settings as above

4. same settings as above

5. same settings as above

6. same settings as above

7. SS 1/1000, f/2.2, ISO 1600

8. SS 1/500, f/2.2, ISO 1600

For my processing, I didn't have to do a whole lot.....I just adjusted color balance (reduced reds, added a touch of blue if needed), very slight levels adjustment in a few, spot-healed a few tiny white spots and red marks, and the biggest thing was color-correcting her left arm because it was very purple.

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Oh Amy, this was your first newborn? You did fantastic!

I've only done one newborn and am not that great at CC on this, but I think the skin tones and exposure look wonderful, you've gotten some really nice angles, and the props are so cute!

My favourite is #1, just really precious, but I love the basket shots. My main CC comment would be that, yes, they do look tight. But in that respect, #2 is the best. The basket is cut off, but nothing around her head is, which makes it feel more open. And #2 is very cute too.

#4 feels just a tiny bit soft? And the colour in it is not quite as nice as the rest of the set.

Too bad for the tight spot -- I wish you would've been able to pull back a bit in #7. That one is sweet. Seems a touch darker than the others.

But man, these are GREAT! I'm so impressed!

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Newborns are so hard! Especially when they don't fall asleep and they're so wiggly. I think that focus looks great on all of them. Bummer about the tight space. I think that the biggest thing for me with them is that the editing isn't consistent through all of them. Lighting looks great in these!

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Thank you so much!! I worked on re-doing the color all side by side so they are a lot more consistent now. And she wants me to come again next week to do some more outfits, & I am hoping for more sleeping ones, so I told her I'll bring something to allow me to get higher up to get the whole basket in the shot Smile if we do the basket again, I mean.

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Just replaced the last 3 in the original post with updated edits....and here are two other "sleeping" shots....



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Your niece is so beautiful! And she's so bright eyed and alert for a 5 day old!

I think you did a brilliant job and I know your family will love them!

#1 and #5 are my favorites, but I also really love the expression you caught in #8.

I really like the conversion in #1. In #5, it's the close crop that I love so much. I'm drawn right to those bright shining eyes. The focus looks super crisp too.

What a sweetie, Amy! I hope you get a chance for many more photo shoots!

OOH! I just saw that you are going back soon! I can't wait to see what you get this time!


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These are awesome! I love sleeping newborn shots, but those wide open eyes, with all that light in them... gorgeous!!
I'm not a huge fan of the hat and diaper cover (?), they distract me a little.
#1 is def. my favorite. I love the conversion, and the focus is perfect.
I totally understand your struggles with the color. Newborn skin is so tricky!