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newborn love

I havent had the best luck with newborns and posing. I know I haven't done bad stuff just a lot of same-same as I was never confident with my abilities.
Then I met an aussie photographer who is pretty good with them.... okay so she is pretty awesome with them. She lives over the other side of the country but had arranged a trip to melbourne as she had a few friends about to have babies so she, in return for using my studio, is teaching me her tricks.

Anyway today's session was a huge lesson for me.

Thought I would share a couple with you.

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DANG YOUR GOOD! The first one is my favorite, not only does the baby look flawless but the backround does as well. I think with newborn shots sometimes I can tell what is under the blanket and it will compete for my attention. Can I ask what you used under the blanket? My sister is due is 6 weeks so I have 6 weeks to learn everything I can about newborns.

On the 2nd one I love the chair you used. The baby looks so sweet. I think this shot could have looked just as good without the wings as well. Do you have any without?

The third one you captured the emotion beautifully! The mom liiks great for just having a baby. This might just be me personally but because she is leaned over you can see that crease in her side. I am horrible at editing so I am not sure but is there any way to edit that out?
overall what a great job, these are just beautiful! I love your work and have been waiting to see some of your shots in color:)

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What an awesome opportunity! I'm sure you've learned a lot Smile I'd love to work with another photographer one on one sometime.

I kind of feel like baby is washed out a bit on the first one. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the flat lighting?

I think I'd like to see a different crop on the second. I feel like the line of the floor is slanting down on the left side of the frame, making me feel like it's going to tip. Could you try a portrait crop with the chair/baby dead center?

I really don't like the crop on the last one. I'm not a fan of mom's abdomen being in the photo. She looks good for just having a baby, but I don't think she'll like the fold in her side. I'd crop in tighter, just below baby's foot.

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What an awesome opportunity for you both, Cazz! And I think it is already inspiring you, based on these shots!

I can't wait to see what you share next!


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These are nice Cazz.

I agree that the lighting in #1 is a bit too flat. Nice pose though.

#2 looks overexposed to me. It's also tilting to the left quite significantly.

In #3, she should really be wearing a black tank in this one. She does look great for having a baby, but I'm sure she's going to feel self-conscious about the belly and that fold...I know I would. I understand that you probably wanted to keep that cute foot in the shot, but it would really be much better with a close crop.

Edited to add a crop idea:

I was able to keep the leg. Not quite enough room on the edges here, but it's the right idea. I'd actually liquify that belly just a touch as well. She's not as round as she looks here, mostly it's due to her posture so a little liquify would be appropriate. Private in flickr.

Untitled-1 by amberbella, on Flickr

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Can't really CC the colour, since I am on my work laptop. They look beautiful.

In #3 I honestly don't mind seeing the belly, would have loved to get a picture like that with my girls, I think our society is to blame for people disliking the "non-model" body so I am proud of you for showing the shot and mom for modeling in it.

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Thank you so much ladies. I appreciate your thoughts and input and suggestions.

I really like the belly but I can see what you mean. I might present her with both options to see what she says.

Ugh I didnt even notice the tilt in the chair one. Yep mum wanted the wings as soon as she saw them. I dont think they work too well here either. I think it was the processing that makes it look over exposed

Thanks so much again.