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Newborn share

No cc is really being asked for but i wanted to share a sweet new baby with some amazing lashes!
i'm still getting used to my new camera so the focus is missed on a few where i didn't get it right on, and on the ones with multiple people i closed up the ap as much as i could with the available light so more depth would have been great, but wasn't really possible with my current equipment.

my favorite...

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Awww so cute! And I love the idea with the tie. I've never seen that before; only hats and such. What a great prop.

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Those are crazy long lashes! My favorite is #5 too!

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Beautiful! I do love those crazy-long lashes! And now I'm ready for another baby, hahaha.. Wink

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Those are absolutely adorable, love the one with the tie.

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funny thing about the one in a tie....i am a MAJOR hater of color selection editting...really not my thing. BUT the client already had a pic of her daughter with selected pink i knew she'd want this to be the same way. So i did it...and oddly...sorta liked it. i think it's the one in a million that works with selective coloring, lol

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SO CUTE! Smile

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That 1st one is not only my favorite of yours but one of my favorite newborn photos I have seen! Love it!