Newborn shoot...

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Newborn shoot...

... of a different species! Biggrin Just had to share these, as we just LOVED seeing these little baby goslings this morning:
Brunch with Mama

Morning Stroll

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I just love that first one! I love the way they're all lined up all with their heads down like that.

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Aww, so sweet! I love baby birds. We had baby robins in one of our trees that hatched recently. I tried to get a picture, but OMG, their mom is crazy territorial! If you're anywhere out in our yard, she will follow you and chirp loudly at you. LOL. I thought I was mama-bear with my babies, but she totally has me beat.

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It's amazing those geese let you get so close, they can be pretty protective of their young, great shots.

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Love both these shots!

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I love them both! But #2 as you know is my fave--I LOVE LOVE the composition!!

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So.stinking.cute! Love them! They are perfect! I was expecting a baby, so this was a cute surprise!