Newborn shoot, ack!

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Newborn shoot, ack!

I'm soooo not ready to try this! Some close friends just had a baby and they want me to shoot this little cutie (took this photo at a shower on Sunday):
Sleeping Babe

I'm a bit stressed out, because Angel I don't know if they want a lot of artsy shots or if they just want a few nice shots that take 20 minutes... I don't have a clue what their expectations are, and (b) I've neve done any session with anyone, ever, and am NOT good at telling people what to do!

I think I'm going over there this morning, if baby is doing well today; so if you think of me, send up a few prayers for me! Smile

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I think you'll do great, this is a friend you are doing it for so I think they will just appreciate the effort you put in.

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Good news is that you don have to worry about what they want. When you take photos for someone for free, its all about what you want as the photographer. If they don't like it they are out nothing except a small amount of time. I say shoot your style and don't worry one lick about the style they want.

If you want to try and go all out, just check with them by mentioning the types of things you want to do and see if they're game. If you want to keep it informal....just tell them that. Communication is key in these things.

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Thanks for the advice and encouragement! It was a good experience. I didn't get any "wow" shots like I've seen here, but I got some nice ones I think the parents will like. I'll post some in a day or two, when I've gone through them all!

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Can't wait, Tracy! If time allows I will post some more of my really bad ones (I reshot my niece) and they will make you feel better. Smile

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Just got home now and seen your post but glad it went good for you. I think sometimes we stress out SO bad and then when its all done its like okay, I can do this. I think it is great to practice with people you know. Cant wait to see them!

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I was going to say just ask them if they have anything specific in mind, but otherwise it's your chance to play! I can't wait to see what you got Smile

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Good on you for giving it a try Tracey! You will learn a lot just from the experience I am sure. I saw that you posted your shots on another thread so I will go have a look in a minute