Newborn Twins for CC

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Newborn Twins for CC

I posted these on ILP and got bumped to page 5 without even a reply... I know they aren't amazing... but what can I do to MAKE this kind of shoot amazing, or even "good"?

I had TONS of ideas, but they didn't want to be messed with much, so I stuck with a few simple poses. Space was tight, light wasn't great but I had fun! Please CC everything.

1. ISO 400, F/5, SS 1/50
July 440web

2. ISO 400, F/5, SS 1/200
July 450bweb

3. ISO 640, F/4, SS 1/200 (The mom had bought the caccoon, but was afraid they would pee on it... so diapers stayed on)
July 606web

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Oh I love these.

# 1 the babies seem to be slightly different colours

# 2 is my fave and I love the conversion.

# 3 is precious but yeah it would have been stunning without the 'nappies'(aussie for diaper's)

Well done Biggrin


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These guys are SO adorable! Too bad they were light sleepers, but you still got some really nice images.

Here's my $0.02 worth ...

1. I don't mind the differences in color (if that is natural), but the composition isn't winning me over here. I think perhaps if you had shot lower, instead of over head, this might work.

2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your conversion! This is a very strong image and I'll bet mom and dad will love it. I like the diagonal lines of the floor (is that one of those barn wood mats or is that actual floor?).

3. This is my favorite of this set. I don't even mind the diapers (though it would have been even *better* w/out them, I'd bet). I love the toes sticking through and they look so precious all cuddled up here.

Great job, Beth! I'm sure the parents will really love these!


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Very nice! I am jealous, I am dying to shoot some babies! Here's my thoughts:
1. I too don't really care for the comp. It feels to tight (crowded), like you should have backed out a little more to get more room in the frame.
2. Love this! Love the comp, like the conversion, overall if I was their mom I would want this shot on my wall!
3. Lighting seems harsh (Flashy) (I know you said that was an issue anyway), but it is a very sweet pic of the babies, as GiGi mentioned, LOVE those little toes poking through!
I think it's funny that she was so worried about the caccoon being peed on, what else is she planning on using it for? I am sure it could be washed LOL.

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LOVE these! It makes me want to have twins again!

#1, I see the skin tone difference, but I also notice it in #3, so I'm thinking that is just the way they are. I know my two have completely different skin tones, which makes it hard.

#2, LOVE IT!!! I want to snuggle up with them!

#3, usually I HATE disposable diapers, but these really aren't bothering me. I'm sure it would have looked better without them, but if that's what the mother wanted then you gotta go with it. Love the toes sticking out. Great catch!

You did a great job!

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I meant to reply to this earlier but the day escaped me (as usual).

1. I'm with the others here, just not loving the composition. However, it's very sweet and tender, and I love how they're nestled together.

2. Your conversion looks good to me and I think this is adorable. My only thought about it is how the bigger headed baby looks. I mean, his head just seems to look out of proportion with the rest of him. I don't know if it's the camera angle that did that or just the positioning or just that his head looks big because it IS bigger than his sister's. But I also could just be seeing things here, it has been a long day.

3. I love this one. And the mom is funny about the pee. Pee is so easy to wash out. That being said, the diapers are barely visible, so it's not a big deal IMO.