Newborn Twins (cc please)
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Thread: Newborn Twins (cc please)

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    Default Newborn Twins (cc please)

    Hello! Okay, jumping back in here for some cc, I have been MIA way too long!

    These little ones were about 5 weeks early and I had the opportunity to photo them at 3 weeks old...just a few days after they came home from the hospital. My first twins and I think my 3rd newborn that wasn't my own! All with natural light in the twins living room, which was a challenge cause there just wasn't as much light as I would have liked (hence the 800 ISO)!

    1. Ap 2.8, SS 1/200, ISO 800
    Twins WEB Clone

    2. Ap 3.5, SS 1/125, ISO 800 - Baby Girl
    Ella 1 WEB

    3. Ap 3.2, SS 1/125, ISO 800 - Baby Boy
    FINN 1 WEB

    4. Ap 2.8, SS 1/80 (oops, I know this should be higher!), ISO 400
    FINN 7 WEB

    5. 3. Ap 3.2, SS 1/125, ISO 800 - Baby Boy
    Hows the conversion on this one? It was sooo yellow that I struggled to fix the color, so I went with B&W...but I am AWFUL at conversions! I swear I redid it over 10 times and still not happy with it....

    Finn 8 BW WEB
    Ava 5.15.06
    Kaitlyn 9.10.10
    Cora 6.18.12


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    Oh, these are just precious.

    1. The colour seems slightly off but as I'm not calibrated take that with a grain of salt

    2. Very cute

    4. There is something about this that I'm not really liking. I do like that it shows the scales, etc, but something about the composition is not for me.

    5. I like this

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    I'm jealous--this looks like a fun shoot with some sweet photos to show for it!

    1. Love the textures. Also, I really like the composition and the pose (although you might try cropping either the top or bottom so that the basket isn't so centered. I think I may be seeing a tinge of blue cast around the white blankie edges, but I'm not calibrated and can't be sure.
    2. Very sweet! My only cc is to remove the little flake under her eye.
    3. I like the baby's pose but I'm not crazy about the black surface in the foreground. It looks too rigid. I'd prefer seeing him sink into it a bit, like in the photo above.
    4. Cute idea! I'd love to see different crops and other poses with the mitt and glove.
    5. Not crazy about the conversion. There seems to be a lot of contrst on the blanket but not so much on the baby. I'd like to see deeper shades of gray.
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    1 - My favorite of the group! Just adorable. But I agree that there's a bit of blue on the blanket going on.

    2 - Her fingers look pretty red, but cute pose!

    3 - I agree that it looks a bit rigid. He doesn't look that comfortable.

    4 - Looks blue to me. I think that this one would have worked better if you would have got down on his level a little bit more. I feel like it's more of a helicopter shot. Love the idea though!

    5 - Not hot on the conversion. Looks like it needs more contrast maybe? I'm really bad at conversions, so I'll leave it to the experts to give you tips.

    What an awesome opportunity to shoot twins! I can imagine that it was difficult, yet rewarding at the same time!
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    I LOVE the first one! I really wanted to get one like that of mine but never did. We had some pictures taken around 2 months, but it's just not the same. It can be hard taking pictures of one newborn.... I know twins are a challenge. You did good.

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    Oh Jess ... what cuties you captured here! I'll bet mom is beyond thrilled with these.

    1. This is my favorite of the bunch. I'm not seeing the blue, but I'm at work (enough said). I do see two little white spot (dust? lint?) in the bottom left corner which need to be cloned or burned or whatever. This one screams for a large print.

    2. Love your composition here. Whites on the left look like they are slightly blown, but that's the only nit pick I could find here. Focus looks great. Baby girl is just adorable.

    3. really love this one. He looks so peaceful that I just want to scoop him right up. Love how sharp the focus is on his little hands.

    4. wb looks off here (or in the previous one). Love the composition though and the slow SS doesn't seem to be an issue - I don't see any motion blur at all.

    5. conversion looks OK. I tend to prefer really high contrast b&w, but this softer conversion works w/ a baby (imho) and plus, if you bumped the contrast, you would proably blow the whites. bottom line - I like it.

    TFS, Jess. It's good to have you back with us.


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    How cute!! Love the first one, it is so gorgeous!

    #2 and #3 are really sweet, but the texture or rigidity (as someone else mentioned) of the black in #3 is not quite working. What if you darken that more... I know then you may have floating baby syndrome, so perhaps not, but something about it is just a bit off right now.

    #4 totally cute idea!

    #5 I'd probably go more contrasty too.

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    These are all wonderful pictures, I am sure it was also a great experience shooting twins.

    3) The contrast or exposure might be a bit off try playing with this in photoshop.

    4) To me baby seems a bit gray, try warming it up a bit.

    * Amanda *

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    You have great CCs. Just wanted to add that I adore #1!
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    #1. My favorite of the bunch. Color looks great to me.

    #2. Sweet shot. maybe a touch yellow. I'd soften the baby's skin on this one.

    #3. Again, the tiniest bit yellow. I'd clean up the blanket...there's some lint or something on it.

    #4. My least favorite. The baseball is dirty...should be able to clean that up a bit. The color is way off....very cyan. I also don't love the angle...wish you were a little lower on this one.

    #5. Contrast isn't the problem in this BW....the midtones are just too dark. I'd bump the midtones a ton so that the baby isn't so much darker than blanket. It's the darkness of the baby that is making it look muddy.

    A quick edit of the baby to show what I mean. Just took the mid tones slider in levels and brightened it. Masked back the white blanket just a touch to keep from blowing it.

    Private in flickr. Will take down if you want.

    Untitled-1 by amberbella, on Flickr

    Just for is what happens when you boost contrast:

    Untitled-2 by amberbella, on Flickr
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