Newborn this weekend.... <3 (pullback too)

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Newborn this weekend.... <3 (pullback too)

I love newborns...

Ok, so I might be jumping the gun there. This was my first newborn other than my own baby boy. I was so excited because my neighbor (the mommy) is a "momtographer" and I knew she would "get it". She was a total help and really understood what I was trying to do. I couldn't have appreciated that more. Although, silly little girl refused to sleep!!! I went over to their house 3 times in 2 days hoping to get her knocked out, but she wasn't having it. So, I took what I could get. I am happy with the results, but not thrilled with the amount of posing. This isn't everything, but it's about it when it comes to pose variety.

All taken with natural light - ISO 200, ap 2.0, shutter varies

1. lexi_001web

2. lexi_003web

3. lexi_004web

4. lexi_005web

5. lexi_002web

My editing seems to be all over the place...better go fix that Smile

And the pullback Smile


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Oh these are nice.

I especially love the last one.

I pretty much set up the same way as you(including the baby poo Biggrin ) but I don't have a reflector, I use a white sheet.

Well done Biggrin

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thanks for including the pullback shot! I always wonder how you guys are getting such great light.

the pp does vary a bit. I'm at work, so color is always off for me here, but the first 2 look a bit warmer/more yellow than the others.

#1 and #5 are my favorites. You just gotta love a sleepy baby and you did a great job capturing that here. I'm sure mom and dad are going to adore these!

did you do any b&w conversions? that last one I would really love to see in b&w.


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You got some great shots, my favourite is #2.

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