Nifty Knitter- helpful video

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Nifty Knitter- helpful video

I have two newborns coming up (yay) so I'm making some new hats to use for the shoot... doing both knit and crochet, but I was getting bored with the round loom and using only the 'e wrap' like the instructions say... so I did a search and found that you can do some of the other typical knitting stitches on a round loom.. something that actually didn't cross my mind Smile

and since we were talking about this not too long ago, I wanted to share this video- it demonstrates the Knit stitch, the purl stitch, the 'e' wrap (or twisted stitch) and how to cast off/finish your work...


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thanks Molly! gonna save that link for when I get my Nifty Knitter

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Oohh, thanks! I've been tired of the e wrap stitch lately, too. I sort of want to try this method, too: It's a mock crochet look, since I don't have the patience to teach myself crochet right now.. Lol