Nikon Coolpix P90

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Nikon Coolpix P90

I have a friend who is selling her Nikon Coolpix P90 and I just wanted to get some reviews, if any of you know anything about it. She's selling it, a memory card, and everything that came with it for $250. They just bought it at Christmas time, but it's not as "simple" of a camera as she was wanting. I want to dabble in photography, but don't want anything too complicated, yet. I was thinking this might be a good camera to get started. Is it? Is it, the memory card, etc. worth the $250 she wants for it? Spam me with info, please. Thanks!!! Smile

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Looks like it has the same settings (manual, ap priority, shutter priority etc...) as a DSLR, but won't have the same quality due to the non-changable lens. You'd probably be able to learn photography basics on it. Looks like a nice point and shoot.

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I agree w/ Amber ... looks like a nice quality point and shoot camera that will allow you to learn the basics of photography through it's manual controls. The price seems fair. Looks like new you could find it for around $300-$450. The memory card is usually sold separately, but you can get a good quality memory card for under $30.

I read some reviews through amazon and dpreview. You can get started on those here:


I hope you'll come back and post after you decide - especially if you decide to get the camera. Then you can show us some of your shots with it.

Best of luck!