Nikon Ladies! (or just Nikon knowledgable)

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Nikon Ladies! (or just Nikon knowledgable)

I have been shopping around looking for an upgrade on my camera. Is the D5000 supposed to be the equivalent of the D90 or the D60? It almost looks like a combination of the two putting it in the middle. Am I correct in thinking though that the D5000 takes the AF-S lenses (which are the stupid more expensive AF lenses that I hate)?
Anyone know anything about the D5000? The D90 is still around, but it looks like Nikon may be slowly phasing them out...

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I use the D5000 and the VR lenses. I was wondering if I could use any other lenses too

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The D5000 is very similar to the D60 (i think it was the upgrade) in that it only takes the AF-S lenses. I think as far as body vs. body, the 5000 is a touch better, but it's not in the same league as the D90, which takes all the AF lenses, and has much better noise capability. I started with the D40x (the D60's predecessor), then upgraded to the 90, and just recently upgraded to the 700, but I would have never upgraded from the 90 unless I was in business. It's a lot of camera for a very good wouldn't be sorry!

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I just got the D90, and it's definitely a step up from the D5000 - it's why I chose that one, actually. I'm still a total newb, so I can't speak to the lenses. But, from the research I did before I bought my camera, it seems like the D90 is in between the D5000 and the D300.