No CC Needed JMK from Surgery today..

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No CC Needed JMK from Surgery today..

All of these were shot in auto some with flash so no CC needed.

He went in this morning to have surgery to fix his teeth..

The night before:

Taking a bath getting ready to go. (He has a saline addiction haha)

Just arrived and in the waiting room

Pre-op measurments.. Thats my mum with him

Getting weighed.. (28# for those non-kilo peoples)

Pre-op vitals

Calling his Papa..

Check out those teeth

Right after surgery His poor lips were swollen and he had aspirated blood

Mum! Whats this thing on my hand?!?!?

Hi Mum! See the new tooth peeking out? (He was trying to wave in the first picture when he noticed he had something on his hand.. He was not happy that he could not wave)

Im sure he was thinking why the heck do I have to be here

Post-op room before we went home with his Nanny... Picture credit to Kaia

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that's great that you documented all of this. glad he's done with the surgery, looks like he came out okay. Smile how's that new tooth?

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He has a bunch of new teeth. He is running about with Kaia right now so he is feeling great Smile He has already tried them out and ate a big meal.

They ended up pulling 2 teeth.. The picture of him on the phone.. The 2nd and 3rd tooth from the left they pulled.. He looks so different with the teeth gone. They did 10 silver crowns and filled the rest of his teeth. They put 2 white caps on the front two top teeth (the one you can see in the picture).. The caps are big though. Im not used to his teeth being so big. Its going to take some getting used to.

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:bighug: Take care!

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Aww, poor little guy. I bet you are all glad it's over.

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Awwwww....I hope he's doing well!

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AWWWW! What a trooper! I'm glad to hear he's feelin' fine at home.


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Thanks everybody. Today you cant even tell that he had surgery. He is acting like his normal self.