(not) posting photoshoot pics

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(not) posting photoshoot pics

I did some photoshoots last weekend for 2 friends/coworkers, of their children...they loved them, even though we had cramped space with limited lighting...I ended up pretty happy with them all too though! over the past 3 days I've been wanting to post a couple on my photography FB page and maybe here too, but I have not asked the moms if I could, and I have felt very hesitant to even ask at all because I don't know, it feels too personal to post a shot of someone else's 3-year-old son or even 8-year-old daughter. The Christmas one I did for my SIL & her husband & 2 dogs also came out prettily but she would not want her picture posted publicly Sad

So I guess my main reason for posting this brief thread is just to say that yes, I had some shoots that you may have read about at FB, and one last April too in fact, but if you don't end up seeing anything from me from them it's because I didn't want to ask the Moms for permission to post them :/ A couple of you/my FB friends said "can't wait to see them" and so I didn't want to just ignore that. I did get some good pics though Smile

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aww darn! Wink just kidding. It's ok! I can understand you not wanting to ask. I'd be the same way too. If they were close friends I wouldn't hesitate. Maybe you can ask them casually if they have a facebook account? And post them on your photography page and then tag them! Smile That way they have copies on their FB for friends and family to see. Just an idea!

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Thanks lol Smile I am friends with one of the ladies on FB and have known her a long time now...the other coworker is a newer friend and I don't think she's on FB. I might ask them about it after the holidays...if I get the nerve up lol.

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It was hard for me to ask as well, but I did. I feel as though you ladies are what helps me grow. I want to do this as a business, so I felt this was the only way *I* could grow. That's just me though Amy. I totally understand not feeling comfortable. I have known everyone that I have done shoots for so far. Either co-workers, ex-co-workers, or friends. One of my co-workers has her pics done by another photographer and that photographer posts them on her blog, so I knew this co-worker would be okay with me posting them. I did ask permission of course! Then, my other co-worker (most recent session) saw my work from the blog I post my sessions to and she gave me permission as well.

I hope that you do get permission b/c I love seeing other people's ideas! I am sure you rocked them! But, I do understand! Biggrin

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I tell people up front that all images will be used for my personal marketing. i especially stress to anyone that i shoot for free or a deep discount that they are getting the deal because i plan on using the images specifically for my portfolio, website, blog, or other marketing material. no one has ever said anything about it.

fear not!! ask away!

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just preface it by saying that you understand if they don't want it on FB, but that you would love to be able to use it for your marketing and you will tag them in the photos so they can share too.

I do understand being careful though! I ask everyone before I post anything!

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Thanks ladies!! I think I will ask at least my one friend if I could use 1 or 2 pics for my site.

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I always had my free sessions sign a model release so that I could share the photos. I've saved them all so that I can share or include in my portfolio.