November Assignment: Thankful

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November Assignment: Thankful

This month is just for fun shares. Take some time to focus (yourself and your camera) on the things for which you are thankful.

And then come share them with us here!


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I am thankful for them, the children I was never suppose to be able to have

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I am very very very thankful for my loved ones.....

Thankful for my beautiful amazing daughter....and those who mean so much to me in my life....

Thankful for my new adorable sweet niece and her mom & dad......

Thankful for the beauty of nature that amazes me and stuns me every day with something new....

and thankful for living near such a beautiful city, and going out with loved ones to enjoy it.....

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Beautiful pictures, Shadow and Amy!

I'm thankful for my kids, who are wonderfully sweet, cute, funny, full of joy, and a genuine gift from God!
Fall Photos Colour Correct

On the Fence B&W

I'm thankful for fall colours. (Colour is SOOC!)
Fall Leaves

I'm thankful for the local mountains and for living in such a beautiful area.
Morning Has Broken


I'm thankful for my husband, but as he so rarely lets me take his photo, I'll just have to tell you that, instead of showing you. Smile

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My family



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Thankful for these two:

DSC_1106_Web by sadieruth, on Flickr