OCF practice JMK CC please

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OCF practice JMK CC please

Set up my seamless paper. Propped my kid in front of it and shot a couple of pictures. It's raining here and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get some practice with my OCF. How did I do?

CC please.

SS 1/100, f3., ISO400

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I think it looks good El.

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That second shot is SO adorable!!!

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They look great to me, #2 is my favorite.

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Looks really good!

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Looks like a couple of winners to me! Nice work!

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Looks good to me also, #2 is too cute!

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looks good to me also (much better than my failed OCF attempt today). I am loving that second one. and in the last one, it looks like he's roaring, I love it!

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I love every shot. You can really get some great expressions out of him!

Colors look great, focus perfect, love the catchlights. I'd say you've got it down. Smile

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LOVE #2! I think you did great!

Cute siggy btw! Biggrin

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Thanks everyone!!! Means a lot hearing this from you gals.

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Love them all but # 2 is also my fave!