OCF questions

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OCF questions

What off camera flash do you use, if you have one?

Do you use it mounted on your camera, or connected via a cord, or what?

Do you use a reflector if you are outdoors? If so what kind?

Do you use a diffuser with your OCF?


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I need to do a LOT more with my OCF. Maybe I should make this week "OCF week" for me. Wink

I use my 430EX Speedlite with Cactus triggers. I mount it on an umbrella stand and use a white shoot through umbrella. I haven't used any reflectors yet, I've really only played a little with it. I want to eventually figure out how to best use a reflector system though. And I haven't used it outside yet.

no diffuser with OCF. I made the mistake of leaving mine on, and when I posted my setup somewhere else, that was the first thing that was noticed. if you're using a shoot through umbrella, you won't need the diffuser.

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I have a speedlight, but rarely use it because... well, we don't get along so well. Wink

For studio, I have 1 AB800 with a large (48"?) octabox and 1 AB400 with shoot thru umbrella. I rarely use my reflector, I need to learn how to angle it better (and I need a stand for it). I use Radio Poppers to trigger my lights (I HATE having a sync cord attached to my camera).

I'm making it a priority to use my reflector more outdoors this summer.