Off-camera flash for dummies?

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Off-camera flash for dummies?

Someone loaned me some wireless transmitters for my speedlite, just to give them a try. I got them working per my friend's instructions, but I really don't know anything about off-camera flash stuff. Can anyone advise on what (preferably inexpensive) wireless options there are for off-camera flash transmitters?

I have thought a lot about things like using a flash behind my kids when I place them in front of a dark background, for example, since their hair is so dark and tends to blend in to the background easily. (A cheap hair light, as it were.) So it's something I'd like to investigate, but I hardly even know what to google to get more info/help to see if there's something out there affordable for us right now!

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Maybe try looking on I betcha there some great tutorials and advice on equipment there!

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I have these cowboystudio triggers and they've worked very well for me. CowboyStudio NPT-04 4 Channel Wireless Hot Shoe Flash Trigger Receiver: Camera & Photo