Oh my goodness, please help me with the colour

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Oh my goodness, please help me with the colour

I think I have possibly started at this image for far too long. It is backlit, the sun was harsh, but it was too good an opportunity NOT to take a photo, lol! The SOOC was slightly underexposed on him. Plus the green colour cast from the trees. By the time I got rid of the green, he looked cold and grey, so I warmed it back up. Am I even in the right ball park with this? This the second time I have edited this, I went back and started from scratch after not liking the 1st edit, lol! I tried brightening it a little further, but that is when the colours start to look really wonky.

DSC_7088edit 2 by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

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I am so not a PP pro, so I can't say much except that the colours look good to me. But you can take that for what it's worth (not much)!

However, I love the picture! Great capture in the moment, in that setting, sitting on the ball -- very cool!

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I think I see most of the green in the shadows in his hair and the slight darker areas of his face such as around the mouth. If you could adjust the hair "greens" I think it'd turn out great!

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I suck at PP but just wanted to say, when did he get so big!!!!!!? Look at his pose- its perfect!

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LOL! Thanks Ana! I'm not sure when he got so big, he's neary 2.5 *sniff*

As for the sitting on the ball thing..... we tried for ages and he kept slipping off, so we gave it up as a bad job. As we were heading back to the car, he called to me and I turned around to find him sat ON the ball, lol!

Ok, I cautiously added some magenta to the highlights only, only took it to -5 (I'm scared of magenta, lol!). Does this look any better?

DSC_7088edit 3 by Madhouseof5, on Flickr

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OK so I'm at work on an un-calibrated monitor that tends to make things look pinker than they really are, BUT I think your second edit looks much better. The first looked too yellow-ish to me. I think the second one looks really nice!

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What a great shot, I think the little bit of magenta did the trick.

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Your second edit looks great! Though, I'm not that great at colors and am not calibrated.

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2nd one looks much better than the first Smile

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2nd one looks great! What a handsome young man!